Monteverde Artista Crystal Fountain Pen – Medium Nib – Transparent Turquoise Body

21 07 2012

Say goodbye to what is physically the last page in my Behance Dot Grid journal (still have a few more reviews in there I haven’t posted yet though)

At a certain point it becomes difficult to justify buying more demonstrator-style fountain pens with iridium-point nibs—you have so many, no matter how cool this new one seems, and eventually you’d like to afford such luxuries as name brand ramen, and cereal that comes in boxes instead of bags. That’s what the wishlist is for—make sure you save it in a prominent location in the browsers of all your family and friends. I did, and now I can thank my parents for the very-happy-birthday addition of the Monteverde Artista Crystal fountain pen to my arsenal.

Not actual crystal, but you could use it to serve champagne in a pinch.

The smooth resin body has just enough weight to it to feel well-made, but not enough to weigh you down. But it will be collecting fingerprints and smudge marks worse than I collect pens. You’ve been warned.

Excellent accessory for your next Tron Legacy/steampunk costume party.

The aesthetic is unquestionably classy, and the translucent spirals of the included converter (also takes cartridges) is one of the beautiful little things that sets the Artista over the top.

The sublime loveliness of simple things.

Why a clear feed? Because WHY NOT—it’s a wonderful echo of the converter (just as the silver on the converter nicely mirrors the grip and nib). It’s different without being ostentatious.

I have at least half a dozen pens with this almost exact same style of iridium point nib—but this is the first I’ve seen with the designation.

I don’t know much about these nibs, except that I can’t really think of a time they’ve disappointed me, and this is no exception. A medium that writes well on a variety of papers, from Clairefontaine to the cheap printer paper I’m writing this on from work—and it’s neither too wet nor too dry. The only time I’ve had any ink flow problem is when combining cheap paper and extreme angles, but the problem there isn’t flow, it’s that the tip of the nib where both tines meet isn’t in physical contact with the paper.


Let’s write a sci-fi novel. With this pen. Starring this pen.

I’m very satisfied with this pen—it’s a great intermediate pen. Once you’ve acquired a few beginner level fountain pens, and you’re ready to fall face-first down the rabbit hole, throwing money all the way, this is a pen worth adding to your insanity collection.

Monteverde Artista Crystal Fountain Pen – Medium Nib – Transparent Turquoise Body at JetPens








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23 07 2012
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23 07 2012
Christine Witt (Brush Dance)

Ooh..this pen is on my wish list. Glad to hear you’re enjoying it.

25 07 2012
His Nibs

That’s a nice review. The transparent has been available for a number of years, but the new colors have really added some pizzaz! :-)

28 07 2012
No Pen Intended

Colorful demonstrators provide an excellent excuse to buy more demonstrators :)

16 08 2012

I picked up one of these in the same color from gouletpens and I love it! Paired it with the Monteverde Turquoise (a new brand of ink for me). It is so smooth (med nib). I had a bit of a hard time getting the ink to flow on the first fill, but it is so smooth. I can count on it on a wide variety of papers.

19 10 2012
No Pen Intended

I am waiting for icy winter to come so this pen will feel appropriate again. That’s the only problem with colorful pens is I feel they only go with certain seasons. This pen I can feel working for every season except fall. Phooey

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