Stabilo Bionic Worker Roller Ball Pen – 0.3 mm – Black Ink

14 07 2012

It is theoretically possible that one day, I will find a rollerball I like as much as I like the Jetstream ballpoint that I’ll go around championing. But today is not that day.

One of these days, maybe I’ll learn to stop trying rollerball pens. We just don’t work well together, me and rollerball pens, but resisting such a brightly colored new arrival proved impossible (thanks to JetPens for providing this sample!).

Good for Halloween, and for public safety cone emergency replacements

I’m all over this design. Bright minimal-industrialist, the curves, the dots—and it looks great next to a Rhodia notebook.

Maybe it’s the sleep deprivation talking, but zoom in on this picture—doesn’t it look like there’s a black bird standing on the S, dropping a dot on the T? Maybe it’s just the sleep deprivation.

It’s got the little touches that are nice to see on an industrial pen, like the unobtrusive little bump there to keep the pen from rolling off when uncapped, metal clip, and a cap that posts and secures nicely. The rubberized body, though it has a mild propensity to gather a few cat hairs, has nice traction (because I assume all industrialized environments more or less involve working in three feet of oil).

Labeling can sometimes be used to great design effect. EXCEPT WHEN IT’S COVERED IN LIES

I know that a European fine is thicker than a Japanese fine, but there is nowhere on this planet where a 0.3mm tip pen should make a line this thick and be called a “fine.” This is not fine. This is very unfine. You should be fined for making something so unrefined, Stabilo.

shhhh the sleep deprivation is talking

Maybe German workers have no need for fine things. Maybe other people like pens that don’t write consistently clean, crisp lines. I don’t know. All I know is I have a cool looking pen here that I’m not particularly drawn to write with.

Fuzzy writing on majority of papers is a pretty constant problem for me and rollerballs though, so don’t blame Stabilo too badly for that.

I might try to see if I can hack the Stabilo ink insert out and put something else in, and if it works I’ll report back. Otherwise, unless you really need something to match a Rhodia Notebook, or you collect all the rollerball pens, or you have better luck than me with these mercurial liquid ink sticks, I’d pass on this pen.

Stabilo Bionic Worker Roller Ball Pen – 0.3 mm – Black Ink at JetPens




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16 07 2012
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14 09 2012

One thing to consider: In Germany pens are labelled with their line width, while American and Japanese pens are labelled with the ball diameter. So, for example the German Pilot website for the Pilot G2 0.7mm doesn’t mention 0.7mm anywhere in the description, and instead describes it as having a “0.4mm line/stroke width”. It’s somewhat ironic that it still says 0.7 on the actual pen, and the product number is ***-7.
However if the pen is manufactured by a German company, there will be no indication of ball diameter anywhere… The pen in this review has a 0.3mm line width, which corresponds to a 0.6 – 0.8-ish ball diameter. I’m guessing that in Germany pens are sold by line width, so that a quantitative comparison ballpoint pens and pens/pencils that don’t even use a ball in their construction is possible.

tl;dr: The Stabilo Bionic Worker is sold as having a 0.3mm line width, which does not mean that it has a 0.3mm rollerball in it.

19 10 2012
No Pen Intended

That’s crazy. Germany, whyyyyy would you do that to me? I just want a standardized pen world! Good to know though, thanks!

13 10 2013
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