Give me a little while to get all this set up. Give me another little while to get in a regular updating habit.

Also, leave me a comment if you want to be pen friends! I should have more links to other pen blogs. I am shameful and lazy for having not done so already. Again, I swear that sometime soon I will stop being so dishonorably lackadaisical and update my blogroll with delicious links to other nice blogs. I will also update this about page with a breakdown of my reviewing set-up/process, and I’ll make several more promises that we’ll all hope I keep. DONE. Now, to make more promises.


I graduated college and acquired regular disposable income. Then I discovered the JetPens website through a coworker. Then I decided that new pens at least once a month was a very great idea. Then, several JetPens orders later, I decided, “holy crap, I have a lot of pens, and I like attempting to talk to other people about these pens…why don’t I just start a blog and leave my friends alone?” And here we are. I like writing (even though my handwriting is terrible) and I like making art (even if I’m only okay at it). I’m interested in all the bits involved in these processes, from the pens to the paper. I’ll perhaps put more effort into this “About” section later. I’ve realized it’s time to take a break when I’m playing with my cat’s elbow instead of writing this.


Until I figure out how to operate pages in a way that makes sense (say, being able to put more than one post on a page. Is that allowed? I don’t even know EDIT: it is not allowed. We all take a moment to be sad), we will just link this here. Secrets ahoy!


This seems like a stupid question. Obviously I baste them in a white wine sauce over medium heat until they are tender, then toss them with cooked whole wheat spaghetti and sesame seeds. … … ….

No. Obviously I write and draw with these pens (and pencils). What do I write? Words. What do I draw? Pictures. I don’t have any limiting hierarchy for what pens can and can’t be used for in terms of writing/drawing (this is kind of a lie, there are some exceptions…which I do not actually adhere to). I write microstories, I write short stories, I write grocery lists, I write half-begun and then abandoned novels, I write quotes, to-do lists, notes; anything. Everything.

I don’t NEED all these pens, but I like having lots of fun options to choose from, plus every pen is a new experience. I think life would be quite boring if all you ever wrote with were Bic Stics and Pilot G2s.

I really don’t understand why people ask what I use my pens for. It seems that once you carry around more than five pens at once everyone thinks they’re the radioactive energy source for your ink-based time machine. What do you use your pens for? YOU WEIRDO.

MY PEN PROBLEM IS THE BEST KIND OF PROBLEM. Haters be jealous, ‘coz they probably all collecting something silly, like fast-food ketchup packets or old models of computer mice.


  • I’m left-handed
  • I prefer fine-tipped pens, say around 0.3mm. Except when I prefer broad stub nibs. Or when I prefer something else entirely. Hm.
  • I tend to disproportionately review fountain pens (relative to the number of them in my collection, but quite proportionate to what is in my daily use)
  • I pretty much only ever buy from JetPens, Office Supplies and More, Goulet Pens, Goldspot Pens, the Andersons when I see them at pen shows…
  • My reviews currently all take place on some type of Rhodia paper. I prefer the dot grid, but sometimes regular grid
  • I refuse to concretely structure my reviews
  • I’m slowly in the process of learning how to hand grind nibs. I will occasionally post my results. I do not recommend attempting any of the insanities I undertake, as you may damage your pens beyond repair.


When I first started this blog, I was a lab project manager in a psychology lab and had a lot more free time than I do now. For about three and a half years after that, I worked primarily as a sit down superhero an emergency communications officer, first on Batman Shift A (6pm to 5am) and then Batman Shift B (party Batman hours 4pm to 3am). Then, I was a communications training officer for a while (on a daywalker shift! with regular sunshine hours!), training the new people on how to spend all day trying to help people over the telephone and how to tell the units what to do.  After that, I was a shift supervisor on Batman Shift C (8pm to 7am) for about 3.5 years – still answering the phone and dispatching when needed, with added responsibilities. As of 2019, I said heck with that career path and switched to providing customer support for a really great software company. From here? Who knows!

Also keeping me from updating all the time are my dog (Thora, a Belgian Malinois) and my cat (Tobi, a classic tabby, unless you ask the dog, who thinks Tobi is a small hateful dog that won’t play with her for no apparent reason).

Hopefully in the coming year I’ll remember how to update on a regular schedule again. And update my links. And make fewer criminally terrible puns.

51 responses

9 01 2011

:) I think that your about me section is wonderful, it surely made me laugh.

6 02 2011

No stalk-o, but where do you live? I haven’t seen the particular makes of the pens review in the states…. Or do you just order everything from JetPens?

7 02 2011
No Pen Intended

I’m out in North Carolina, USA. Most of my pens are from JetPens. The only exceptions so far are the Varsity Pens (got at Staples), the Beta Pen (ordered from some British company), the Pilot Fineliner (from a guy at a local bar), the Pentel EnerGel Alloy RT (got at…uh…Office Max? I think?), and the office pens (got from Staples corporate site through work). I’d say the majority of my pens, at this point, are from JetPens, but there are some exceptions (usually with fun stories to them). :)

24 02 2011

Good god. Your blog is pure genius and one of the most entertaining things I’ve read in a while. Finally, someone else who has insane amounts of pens and can’t understand why people look at him funny when he pulls five of them out of his pocket. We must be friends. I want to discuss pens. Feel free to email me if you want. :D

29 03 2011

Hey, I stumbled onto your blog while looking for a picture of what pen refills for the Kuretake CoroIro pen actually write like. Love your sense of humor. Into my feed reader, you go! :)

1 04 2011

I second that! Into my feed reader you go!

16 04 2011
Michæl Atchison

Looking for some advice, since you seem to know pens. I need a new pen to carry around with me everyday. It has to use gel ink (I’d also be interested in a felt-tip), and it needs to clip nicely on the edge of my pocket, without extending more than a few millimeters above the fabric (or I’ll scratch my hand when I reach into the pocket). I really like the low profile clipness of these


except I can’t carry a pen with a cap because I always lose the cap. Besides, pens that are carried pointing upwards tend to dry out for me. I currently carry a Zebra G-301, and I absolutely love it, but it sits too high on the edge of my pocket. My perfect pen would be one of those, but twisty instead of clicky.

It also has to be black—even though I love colored ink, this will be my standard go-to pen at the bank, the grocery store… et cetera. Any ideas for me?

29 06 2011
Rori Lieurance

Where is your blog feed so I can subscribe? Your reviews are excellent! Thank you!

29 07 2011

It is great that your new job has not interfered much with this blog! A list of the tags on the side would be really helpful. I am looking up a few pens for sale at my new favorite store but it is really hard to find the reviews I want. You would love the Flax pen store in LA.

1 11 2012

Betsy, thank you! I’ll have to check it out in LA. Have you checked out Paradise Pens in the Costa Mesa mall? Also, sign up for their annual holiday gift-giving/drool-over catalog. SERIOUSLY nice pens, esp fountain pens (checkbooks beware.)

6 09 2011

I came across your blog and decided that your love of pens isn’t a bad thing. maybe weird but aren’t we all? [I also keep handy about 6 to 9 pencils mostly because I tend to draw a lot. A spur of the moment sort of thing] ^_^ I enjoyed reading your about me, it made me smile. GO PENS!

27 10 2011
lintvedta (@lintvedta)

Hi. I always thought it was weird to feel strongly about pens. Maybe it is, but you write in such a funny way about it. Thanks.

16 07 2012

I don’t think it’s so weird. Lots of people feel strongly about pasta.

16 11 2011

I went to school for art here in GA, but when I graduated, the economy forced me into a large, stuffy corporation. My nearby coworkers don’t understand why my desk is always littered with pens. My husband gets a concerned look on his face when I rip open eBay packages from Seoul and Shanghai that are stuffed with nothing put pens (check out the Korean Mach 3). It’s so nice to know I’m not alone. I’ll be keeping up with your posts. Thank you!!!!

20 12 2011

I have found the other me! I cannot begin to express the sheer joy at knowing that I am not alone. Time is Mental hospital can now come to an end, as I dance with joy with pens in hand! Love it.

10 01 2012


I love fountain pens to death, and have quite a neat collection of them, albeit of the somewhat inexpensive variety, because I truly cannot afford to spend too much. However, have you ever tried out Chinese ink pens? Here (in India), we get them for rupees 35-45 (under $1), and they are beautiful and write so well that you fall in love…. I collect Hero, Wing Sung and other inexpensive brands, and have had lovely days doodling away with them; do give them a try!!

Also, Belated Happy New Year!!


9 02 2012
No Pen Intended

Even more belated happy new year back! :) I have not yet tried Chinese ink pens, mostly for lack of availability / knowing where to get one. The closest I’ve come is this Serwex Special 101 eyedropper pen I got from India, from http://www.fountainpenrevolution.com/ ….which by close, I guess I only really mean geographically close :/ I love inexpensive fountain pens, and really wish I did not get caught up so often in such pricey but beautiful pens! Alas.

Do you know any good places online to get Chinese ink pens? Preferably inexpensively? :)

19 06 2013

Hi, I’m living in China and working at a university. The campus store has a huge selection of pens. They are incredibly inexpensive and I found one ultra fine-tip gel that writes like a dream. I bought 6 plus two refills for each pen. I plan lessons, make lists, draw and doodle with this one pen that is, alas, nameless. I’ve also seen lots of fountain pens, ink pens, etc. I’ll see if I can get the name translated. Btw, the reason I found your sight is that I was trying to find a comparison of TekWriterUSA gel pens vs Gelly pens. Your thoughts?

27 08 2013
No Pen Intended

I’m jealous, that store sounds amazing!!! I haven’t heard of those two brands…is the Gelly like Sakura Gelly Roll pens? You should post pictures somewhere of your nameless wonder pen! :)

13 01 2012


GREAT blog. I have been using a Pentel Metallic Brush Pen and want to add my own inks. Have you ever used one and if so, any idea how to refill it or take it apart? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


9 02 2012
No Pen Intended

I have one, and I’ve been meaning to get around to using it. I’ll have to get back to you once I actually get around to using it :)

19 02 2012

hi, i love your blog! and the humour in it! :) you can link to my blog if you like, it’s just started out so there isn’t much but i’m hoping to write more and more!

1 03 2012

Really love your blog. I’ve read a few other pen blogs and they can be pretty dry – but yours is hilarious. Keep it up!

PS. Also, your images aren’t blocked by my work filter. Bonus!

22 03 2012

I really recommend Tokyo Pen Shop, they ship faster than jetpens and have a lot more stock on hand.

28 06 2012

Hi! Really enjoy your blog and I nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award. http://versatilebloggeraward.wordpress.com/ :)

28 06 2012

I recently came across your blog. I’m finding it to be quite an enjoyable read, while being very entertaining at the same time. I’m a pen/stationary/enthusiast/nut myself, so I can totally understand. I recently came across JetPens store and OMG… their service is outstanding and superfast.

28 07 2012
No Pen Intended

Thank you! Glad you like the blog :) and very glad you have JetPens in your life now!

20 08 2012

I’m a big fan of your site and PENS!!! JetPens is my fave online store.

1 11 2012

Finally, to know that I’m not alone in the world and there’s another, and now I see more based on the Reply posts, who share this affliction/love of writing implements! I don’t feel like I have to to explain anymore why I have so many pens. My friends come over the house or get in my car, see stashes of pens/pencils and say, “Do you really need all of these?” If I could carry different 5 pens/pencils a day in my pocket and not get looked at like a candidate for the looney bin, I would. You “get” the whole pen thing and articulate it in such a uniquely humorous and informative way. You’re genius! I’m subscribing! Keep up the great work!

29 01 2013

I am similarly afflicted. My addiction is for 1930s-1950s Pelikans. So many beautiful pens. So many nibs. So many inks. So many papers. So little time…

3 01 2014
Coco Lombarte

Hi! Congratulations on your blog, it’s quite cool! I am an industrial designer and I am currently working on a pen project. The pen would use a D1 refill, but I don’t know which one to choose. Do you have any suggestion? Thanks in advance!

11 03 2015

Here, Coco Lombarte, consider my fave, the Minimo. Quoting post, including one at Jet Pens: “The Ohto Minimo Mini Pen needle point refill is MIA! I cannot, CANnot, find them in stock. Anywhere. Not even from Ohto themselves. Someone needs to light a fire or siren under them! True that The Tombow Zoom 717’s D1 refills fit the darling Ohto Minimo pen, but though it’s also a 0.5 it writes rougher and draws a thicker line. The Sharbo’s D1 fits it, and as a 0.4mm is not too bad, but needle point would be better. I love the Ohto slim anodized body pens that use 0.3mm–that tip would be great, but it is not D1 (..sigh). A FINE-tip’d needle point D1 type refill seems impossible to find. Today I went through all my pens looking for an alternative refill, but the above were all I found. I love the way the Slicci 0.5 writes, and the 0.18 (true, it can write on a grain of rice, I have done it), and the Uniball 0.28, but they are not D1’s, although I am thinking of pulling them all apart and adapting them into D1’s. But then, the Minimo has to connect INSIDE the refill tube, not outside it. I wonder who would I write to in order to make suggestions or become a pen designer myself? Anyone know?? I have this craving to create a multi-pen with 10 refills yet be slim, and how? by using a triangular body and a rack-’em-up pool ball arrangement. I know it could work if they used metal tubes like the D1, instead of thicker plastic components. In the event another designer sees this blurb, may the heaven’s be opened. I think of all trinket obsessions, you can’t have a better one than pens, pencils and paper. Doodlers speak of hauling around a half dozen writing pieces, but..I am not ashamed to say I probably have 30 in my handbag, mostly mini-pens, and I guard them with my life. Why? Well, if your house was on fire, what would you grab first right after your family, pets and 72-hour survival kit, but your sentimental written and recorded records?: journals, scriptures, art, genealogy, letters, photos, scrapbooks, critical documents, love notes…. In the event of a disaster, besides the company of friends and loved ones, it is my creative outlet of writing and drawing that most tranquilizes my soul. It’s a health thing, and I fret about running out of leads, ink, and paper, probably more than underwear or food. When I was young, my friend’s couldn’t go anywhere without their dolls. But I couldn’t go anywhere without my writing/drawing gear, ever. After decades, I am still the same way. I am so thankful for great pen, pencil and paper designs. Recently I discovered 3.7 waterproof paper at Relyco, and thought I’d cry when I bounced a peice around in my hand. That’s how I felt about the Ohto Minimo Pen. And then I discovered there was a Minimo Mechanical Pencil to match it and I wept chocolate..really.” -MarianneT.Sites,PenaticPogoStick

11 03 2015

Oh! who wrote that typo?!. But I forgive you.

26 01 2014
Dries Pencilcaseblog

Great blog, I’ll add you to my blogroll, feel free to add me as well if you want! :)

22 09 2014

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23 09 2014
Swamp Attack Hack No survey

Hi excellent blog! Does running a blpog smilar to this require a
lot of work? I’ve absolutely no expertise in coding but I was hoping to
start my own blog in the near future. Anyways, if you hav
any ideas or techniques for new blog owners please share.
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30 06 2015

Hi, great blog! I would love to get my product on this site one day! I have emailed you some details about my product. See the link below for further information:

14 08 2015

howdy. I also reside in the Triangle. I think I met you very briefly in a library surrounded by old guys and Lori.

Yeah, no one in meat space wants to talk about pens. I will probably resort to blogging about pens and ink too at some point. It will probably not be as funny as yours.

30 11 2015
John Sully

Hey, I’d love to join your pen friends list! Also, If you have any tips on blogging I could use a few. http://www.modernageman.wordpress.com

3 02 2016
Rechargeable Cheesesteaks


Stumbled across your blog while idly googling ideas for my next pen purchase. Thought I’d share my gratitude for your thoughtful reviews, and also ask a question: do you have any recommendations for a solid gel/rollerball refill for a Retro 51 Tornado? I’m having a super-hard time trying to find something that, 1). Will definitely fit, and 2.) won’t suck.

9 10 2016

If you would like to sell your yoropen z3 with refill converter mold, please send me the absolute lowest price you would accept for it. I have Yoropen
Supreme and pencil, but the z3 looks nice, so why not ? Are z3 and Supreme refills the same?

Best regards…….Lowell

24 11 2016

Its been a few months, ive searched all of google…clicked on a thousand+ links, images to pages…I cant find it.

Searching for…

extra broad italic/oblique ‘left handed’ fountain pen. Approx 2.3 mm

I bought a cheap manuscript pen and after break, bending the second pen – i thought id try search something new.

I wrote to nibs.com and the gent offered a pelikan m200 and nib regrind …about 500 dollars. A little over my budget.

I use the pen for Arabic, urdu calligraphy- so need something crisp on edges too.

Any ideas?

28 03 2017
No Pen Intended

Have you tried the Pilot Parallel calligraphy pens? They come very broad, are refillable, and inexpensive. They aren’t oblique, but you could get some sandpaper or if you have a dremel and grind the nib yourself to the oblique angle you want. A pen doesn’t have to be left-handed, it just needs to work with the angle at which you hold the pen. The next closest nib size I can think of that’s broad is the Lamy calligraphy nibs, but the broadest is 1.9mm and is more expensive than the Pilot Parallel

6 03 2017

Great to meet you today. Thanks for the help with the Pens in Alan’s store! -D

28 03 2017

Hey, I thought I originally stumbled across this blog because you reviewed Strathmore Writing pads/journals, but now I can’t find it. Was that a fever dream?

28 03 2017
28 03 2017

Thanks, I saw that one. It was very nice. I meant this line of products: https://www.strathmoreartist.com/writing.html

28 03 2017
No Pen Intended

Ooooooo, fever dream, I haven’t seen these before. New product to find and review!

28 03 2017

I might be able to help you with that. Let me touch base with my colleagues tomorrow. I’ll get back to you soon.

8 11 2017
Ulises R.

I’ve been lost all day and I find your pen obsession rather amusing (alas, it’s a madness I share myself); trust me I’ll read every post.

8 11 2017
Ulises R.

Lost all day in your blog.

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