When I started this blog, it never occurred to me that companies would one day contact me out of the blue and ask if I’d like to, FOR FREE (!!!), receive a sample item of theirs to review. The first few times this happened (and still a little bit to this day) I looked skeptically at my computer screen. Was this a trick question? OF COURSE I WOULD LIKE TO TRY NEW THINGS AND still have money for cat food (and I suppose people food too).

It seems to be happening enough nowadays that I ought to make explicit mentions of this whole process. Whenever someone sends me something for free, whether to borrow or keep, or gives me a discount on a product due to my bloggery, or sends something to give away, I will make note of it somewhere in the review/post just so it is clear (unless I somehow forget that a given product was not something that I purchased, in which case I apologize, my memory is crap, that’s why I use pens and notebooks so much). In spite of the joys of free things, I approach each review ready to give my honest opinion about a product and do my best to work without bias. I do not receive any compensation for reviews (aside from any items I am given to keep, which, until a bartering economy returns I cannot use to pay for rent and croissants).

For the most part, anything I review will have a sample size of one. Your quality control results may vary. I encourage you to seek out several opinions on a product before making a purchase, especially if it’s something expensive.


Because I am impulsive, inquisitive, and poor, I often undertake minor pen repairs / nib work / nib alterations on my own pens (and sometimes poor sad damaged returned items at my local pen store) only. It is often likely I am not using the best tool for a given task. I will, when writing up these adventures, document the things I did. I do not recommend you try anything I do at home. Any pens you destroy will be your own responsibility.


2 responses

14 07 2015
mr kj roberts

Dear sir can you use drawing ink in a rotoring art pen can you let me know or give me a contact number please rearda kJ roberts

14 07 2015
mr kj roberts

Can you let me know if can use drawing ink in a rotoring art pen or a phone number to contact please regards kJ roberts

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