When I started this blog, it never occurred to me that companies would one day contact me out of the blue and ask if I’d like to, FOR FREE (!!!), receive a sample item of theirs to review. The first few times this happened (and still a little bit to this day) I looked skeptically at my computer screen. Was this a trick question? OF COURSE I WOULD LIKE TO TRY NEW THINGS AND still have money for cat food (and I suppose people food too).

It seems to be happening enough nowadays that I ought to make explicit mentions of this whole process. Whenever someone sends me something for free, whether to borrow or keep, or gives me a discount on a product due to my bloggery, or sends something to give away, I will make note of it somewhere in the review/post just so it is clear (unless I somehow forget that a given product was not something that I purchased, in which case I apologize, my memory is crap, that’s why I use pens and notebooks so much). In spite of the joys of free things, I approach each review ready to give my honest opinion about a product and do my best to work without bias. I do not receive any compensation for reviews (aside from any items I am given to keep, which, until a bartering economy returns I cannot use to pay for rent and croissants).

For the most part, anything I review will have a sample size of one. Your quality control results may vary. I encourage you to seek out several opinions on a product before making a purchase, especially if it’s something expensive.


Because I am impulsive, inquisitive, and poor, I often undertake minor pen repairs / nib work / nib alterations on my own pens (and sometimes poor sad damaged returned items at my local pen store) only. It is often likely I am not using the best tool for a given task. I will, when writing up these adventures, document the things I did. I do not recommend you try anything I do at home. Any pens you destroy will be your own responsibility.

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14 07 2015
mr kj roberts

Dear sir can you use drawing ink in a rotoring art pen can you let me know or give me a contact number please rearda kJ roberts

14 07 2015
mr kj roberts

Can you let me know if can use drawing ink in a rotoring art pen or a phone number to contact please regards kJ roberts

23 11 2018

Dear Ma’am when will you see the error of your ways and realize the Pilot G2 is the best thing since sliced bread. Even if I personally don’t think sliced bread is all that great. What’s the deal with that anyway? Was it that hard to slice bread? I mean I like bread. Not as much as Oprah probably but it’s fine. Hard to make a sandwich without it. That’s for sure. I won’t make that mistake again. My hands smelled like bologna and mayo for a week. Made my beloved G2’s smell funny too. I mean I still used them but people gave me a weird look. Anyway keep up the good work.

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