Pilot Precise V5 RT

4 10 2011

A lack of alternate colors precluded the appearance of leprechauns in these sketches

Perhaps you recall my ultimate beef with the regular Pilot Precise V5: an uninspired design that’s screamingly evocative of the plasticky depths of the cubicled 90s. Great pen, garish body. But Pilot is something of a multi-model king, so I had hope that a better body would exist in the Precise V5 line. Enter the Pilot Precise V5 RT.

Finally, a design that hails from sometime in at least the past ten years.

It’s a definite design improvement. It’s not a mind-meltingly stunning masterpiece of design, but it’s decent, and certainly looks like it emerged from a time after the invention of the iPod. Keeping the unique stacked-disc cone design for the tip was a good move. I also appreciate the improvement of adding a rubberized grip (most capped office pens seem to base their grip section on an ideal of a jagged staircase of uneven concentric cylinders).

Pen doubles as a sewing machine needle

There’s one thing about this much-improved model that bedevils me…the original Precise V5 is a liquid ink pen, but looking at the refill of the retractable model, it seems to be a gel pen? It has that same rust-colored goop section above the ink, like the Pilot G2 gel pen refills. Is it gel? I don’t know. Does it even make a difference? Probably not.

Why stacked discs? Why not? WHY NOT THE WHOLE PEN BE STACKED DISCS? Why not me making consultation of grammar correctingness?

The pen wrote right away after over a month or so of non-use. Would an uncapped liquid ink pen be able to boast the same? Am I willing to leave a liquid ink pen sitting around uncapped for a month to find out? Tune in next time, when the answer will still be no.

Pen also doubles as a bulls-eye, for miniature target practice.

What a disgustingly dirty close up. Maybe there’s a good reason that we can’t see detail like this with our natural eyesight, just absolutely filthy— oh, right, how does the pen write. It writes very well. I daresay it’s even better than the regular Precise V5; certainly felt a little smoother for me.

Now with 100% more dynamic action lines than the regular Pilot Precise!

The design is great, the pen is comfortable, and the ink is dark, smooth, and consistent. In fact, I think the Pilot Precise V5 RT might actually be the good pen that people often mistakenly think that the Pilot G2 is. Take your Pilot G2s, donate them to the penless, and go to your nearest pen store to get the Pilot Precise V5 RT instead.