Nock Co. Fodderstack Mini

31 07 2017

Let me introduce you to my new security blanket, the Fodderstack Mini:

Some people like baby humans, I like baby office supplies

This is the littlest member of the Nock family, designed to hold a Kaweco Liliput (or similar small writing implements) and business / tiny note cards. All the same wonderful materials as I’ve touched on before, in an itty bitty body. Since this is a Nock case, one must immediately load it up with more than the designated amount of goods.

One Kaweco Liliput, one Zebra Minna, several DotDash notecards, a credit card, a debit card, and my ID. It’s a good start

Just looking at the design of it, my main concerns were things falling out, and rain falling in, since the top is left open for ease of access. ​I did not have any rain available on my latest motorcycle trip (gosh, darn), and did not feel like creating artificial weather conditions, so that test will remain for another day. ​


yeah thanks GIF Maker, get a better logo font

You actually have to put some effort in to get something to start coming out of the case. It held onto everything wonderfully when it fell out of my motorcycle jacket pocket, and because it was so brightly colored we spotted it right away rather than it getting left at some outlook along the Blue Ridge Parkway.

I will need more of these

The DotDash notecards are an excellent balance of the characteristics wanted for EDC. I love the unobtrusive dot and dash grid. Though the lines of writing are not tight and crisp like I like, there’s no bleedthrough up there, not even with the Copic or the Sharpie markers. The dry time is quick (about 3 to 4 seconds), which is great for making quick notes with fountain pens especially, and you can see all the sparkles in the Emerald of Chivor ink. Sure I wish there were more shading and crisp lines of fountain pen ink, but I don’t think I’d trade away something like the drying time to get it.

Made in the USA and all that jazz

Because it’s so small, the Fodderstack Mini is easy to grab and throw in a pocket, or carry in my hand; any time I am going somewhere away from a home base of stationery goods this provides a quick way for me to be reassured that I have some good paper and pens with me if needed. That’s why it’s become my stationery security blanket—someone wants a quick word at work? I don’t need to bring a notebook? Au contraire, silly other people, pens and paper are as essential as shirts and shoes. I grab the little Fodderstack and I am instantly prepared.


Being a limited release, the Fodderstack Mini isn’t available on the Nock Co. website right now. But hopefully there will be more batches, if not as a regular product then as a special goodie to acquire at pen shows.

Thanks Brad for my lil buddy!

(Brad provided this case at no charge for reviewing purposes–opinions entirely my own)


Nock Co. Maryapple Two Memo Book Bi-Fold

2 03 2014

It was with much excitement and internal delighted shrieking that my modest reward tier from Nock Co.’s Kickstarter arrived (I resisted getting All the Cases, because I’ve got to be fiscally responsible / leave more cases to buy later at some point). I can safely say they live up to the hype.



Naturally, I’m comparing this to the prototype I received, but it’s not a direct apples-to-apples comparison—it’s more Maryapples to Hightowers.



The finished product is even better than the prototype—the edges are neatly finished and sealed, and look at that solid bar tacking between the pockets! You’d probably have to Hulk out hardcore to get that to even begin to rip.

Or stab it. But I’m not going to try that

Or stab it. But I’m not going to try that

The outside of the Maryapple is made of a heavy 1000D nylon with durable water resistant coating, inside is smooth pack cloth (also with DWR coating)—it feels sturdy. I don’t worry about throwing this baby in bags or pockets. And this mandarin/mango color combo looks great.

Looks great, sounds delicious. Just try to tell me you'd turn down a mandarin mango smoothie

Looks great, sounds delicious. Just try to tell me you’d turn down a mandarin mango smoothie

Inside you’ve got two notebook pockets—remember everything you could fit in the Hightower notebook pocket? Multiply that by two. I’m currently pairing my Quo Vadis Miniweek with a 9x14cm Clairefontaine notebook, but sometimes I’ll throw my phone in there instead. Why not? It fits.

Fun fact: the cases are named after mountains in Georgia!

Fun fact: the cases are named after mountains in Georgia!

This notebook holder is high quality, made-in-the-USA goods. I can’t wait until they finish filling the Kickstarter orders and open for general business (keep your eyes on Nock Co. and your wallets ready). I’m pretty sure this Maryapple is just dying to have a Sassafras to go along with it!

The Maryapple Two Memo Book Bi-Fold by Nock Co.