The Mystery Mead Clipboard

12 10 2020

The Five Star Mead tag line is “built to last,” which is pretty accurate given that I acquired this clipboard thing so very many years ago that there seems to be no record whatsoever on their website of it, so I can’t tell you what it’s actually called. In my daily quest to sublimate the anxiety of this nightmare world into random little drawings, this clipboard has become for me a sort of portable desk (my actual desk has become a monument to how many unorganized objects I can pile on it without them falling over).

You can see the foundations of reality itself fracturing in this photo!

My DIY notebooks are great, but need a harder surface behind them to draw on, which this clipboard provides perfectly with its fairly firm plastic. The fabric trim all around makes it comfortable to hold onto. The lever to open the clipboard folds down, for those times when I need to put down my pencil and stare off mindlessly into the screaming void of existence but don’t want my pencil to stage an escape of its own. The metal on the clip did rust at some point, but that defect was easily covered up with some washi tape.

Ignore the eldritch hand

But the real bonus about this clipboard is not one but TWO pocket systems on the back. Up top, the big pocket holds standard-sheet-of-paper-sized documents, with a Velcro flap to keep them securely in place. On the bottom, a smaller zippered pocket which fits pencils, writing utensils, smaller notebooks/bits of paper/what have you. It’s an altogether quite handy little organization system that I’ve used in the past for several keeping-track-of-official-and-important-documents projects, and now simply use to hold my sketchbook.

If only all of life’s problems could just be covered with washi tape!

I’m pretty certain I got this from Crazy Alan’s Emporium easily over half a decade ago or more. Do these clipboards still exist in the wild? No telling. If you see one though and would like a handy clipboard for yourself, I recommend it.

Mini Review: Five Star Dry Erase Pocket

14 09 2014

Behold the majesty of the door of my work locker. The inside is a beauty of Tetris-like kitchen implement organization

Behold the majesty of the door of my work locker. The inside is a beauty of Tetris-like kitchen implement organization

At work, my half-size locker is packed full of various pots, pans, and assorted kitchen essentials so that I can fully utilize the breakroom stove/oven at lunch time. Because these half lockers are so small, and because a proper complement of kitchen cookware involves several items, it’s imperative that I organize my locker as efficiently as possible, while still having easy access to the things I need (thus the magnetic spice canisters above). Today, I want to give a shout out to that white oval thing in the middle, the Five Star Dry Erase Pocket. Previously I had one of those approximately rectangular mesh boxes holding my bacon tongs, serrated kitchen knife, straight edge kitchen knife, tiny whisk, pan scraper, vegetable peeler, and fork; it was a bit much for the two magnet strips on the back of the mesh basket. It frequently fell off the locker door, usually as loudly as possible, often taking down the green mesh tray below with it, sending my kitcheny goods everywhere. I saw the Five Star Dry Erase Pocket on sale for ~50% off at Target, and decided to give it a go. WOW. The entire back of the unit is a magnet. This thing is on the door and it isn’t going anywhere. I need to go back to Target and get another one for my fridge at home, because it’s that good.


Five Star Dry Erase Pocket (look around at the clearance sections of box stores and you might be able to find it cheaper, as I did at Target!)