Quick Sketch Test: Pentel High Quality Colored Pencils

28 03 2012

Pictured but not really visible: the white color swatch, #301

Ink Drop Soup: Upcoming Reviews

24 02 2012


Since I spent 6 days straight painting my room, I didn’t have time to get a review ready this week. Your consolation prize is this picture of several items that I’d like to review.

Ink Drop Soup: Happy Valinktines Day

14 02 2012

Thematically appropriate, colorwise

Sorry, this is all you guys get for now. Gotta work and all. But it’s the right holiday colors, so at least there’s that going for it. Maybe if you’re all good, I’ll post something for the far more important Half-Priced Chocolates Day tomorrow.

Happy 4th of July!

4 07 2011

I’ve spent all day inside, because why go outside into the sweltering and humid cesspit of atmosphere known as “the outdoors” when I can sit around, enjoy the air conditioning, and run around my room finding all the things I could that were Made in the USA (all the things being defined as “all the things I could find before my attention span abandoned the endeavor”)? :)

All items pictured say somewhere on them a variant of "Made in the USA" or "USA"

We’ve got, roughly from left to right, the Write Dudes USA Gold Wooden Pencils; Prismacolor Col-Erase colored pencils (some of which were made in the USA, those being the ones pictured here, others being made in Mexico, which obviously were not included in this picture); Noodler’s La Reine Mauve ink; Prang Professional Watercolor Cakes; Ecosystem Artist’s Journal; Canson Sketchbook; Prismacolor Markers; this odd old Eberhard Faber Singlex eraser thing; Prismacolor Turquoise “Chemi-Sealed” drawing pencils; Sheaffer fountain pen; Strathmore Watercolor Artist’s Trading Cards, Exaclair Quo Vadis Habana Journal; Strathmore Watercolor Visual Journal; Speedball Super Black India Ink; Strathmore Drawing Notebook; and then all my Noodler’s Inks in the back row: Violet, Dragon’s Napalm, Polar Blue, Lexington Gray, and Black Swan in Australian Roses. A fun, though not comprehensive array of USA-made products. Too bad I don’t have any combination firework sparkler/pens; that would really complete the day.