Here I Go Again

29 08 2020

Oh hello! It’s been a long minute since I’ve posted here, huh? For a while I didn’t have much of anything I wanted to say–I got tired of the endless chase to acquire new pens, and if I wasn’t posting about the hottest newness then what was the point? Well, good news. I want to post–reviews? thoughts? barely coherent ramblings?–about some of the enduring combos I’ve been using, especially during quarantimes. My personal way of emotionally dealing with the world as it is has been to generate outrageous quantities of hastily sketched drawings, so I’ve been putting a lot of writing implements and associated paraphernalia to good use. And I want to write some words about them. Brace yourselves!



4 responses

29 08 2020

Super excited to see you coming back! Can’t wait for whatever content you decide to post.

30 08 2020

Glad you’re back!

31 08 2020
Francisco D.

This is most excellent news! I love reading your posts, you’re an excellent writer and it didn’t matter what they were about. I look forward to it!

11 10 2020
Steven Sams

Finally. Me and my G2’s have missed you.

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