Pilot Guilloche Vanishing Point (2016 Limited Edition)

6 10 2016

As long as Pilot keeps coming out with limited editions that I like, we’ll make this particular mini review a yearly tradition. The design isn’t as flashy as last year, but the ombre fade of the Twilight Limited Edition would have been hard to beat. Taking a different direction entirely was probably the best choice.

This year will focus on a complete lack of color altogether

Again, as in at least the past 3 years, the limited edition comes in this honking big box. The details on the box match the pen design, this year being black with guilloche pattern imprint. On to the main attraction:

Cue either seductive music or carnival music, depending on how the phrase “main attraction” has you feeling

Because I intended to make this VP a daily use pen, the clip had to go. I tried using it with the clip on for about half a day, and it just wasn’t working out. Once I wiggled the nose cone off, I was surprised to see something slightly different than what has heretofore been beneath modern VP nose cones.

See the difference. Dare to compare. What conspiracy have I uncovered?

This is the only limited edition VP that I’ve clipectomized so far. Is this a limited edition thing, or is this a change in Pilot’s Vanishing Point design thing? Too soon to tell, but if this is permanent, I may change my clipless VP decorating game plan.

Gentle lighting brought to you by the only sun-facing window in my house, conveniently located next to the red dog bed

I love the guilloche pattern. It’s like my pen is wearing a sweater. The texture provides excellent gripability and makes it more visually interesting than some simple black. The standard limited edition comes with a medium rhodium-plated 18k gold nib, but I got mine from my local pen store with the black-ionized 18k gold nib in fine, for maximum cool factor. Sunglasses are sprouting from my eye sockets as we speak.

It hurts but that is the price you pay to be ineffably cool

I highly doubt the Guilloche will be as sought-after or worth as much money as the 2015 limited edition, but 2015 was unexpected gangbuster hotcakes. The 2016 is a cool, classy limited edition, that sips martinis and generally exists somewhere in the aesthetic crossing of James Bond and Mr. Rodgers.



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7 10 2016
Free money

Is that clipectomy reversible?

7 10 2016

I’m not sure what what I was looking for in the clipectomy pictures… but I do love reading your posts! They always make me snort laughing :D

8 10 2016
No Pen Intended

Thanks! 😊 on the metallic green body, there is a slightly depressed metal surface that I had painted yellowish at the time. On the guilloche, that metal surface has been taken away–the surface that’s available to paint is much lower. You can start to get an idea from the different angles, it’s like a complete cutout where before it was the slightly pressed down surface

10 10 2016
This Just In: Pilot Vanishing Point Guilloche (2016 LE) | Fountain Pen Quest

[…] Pilot Guilloche Vanishing Point (2016 Limited Edition) | No Pen Intended […]

23 11 2016
Mama Via

I own every LE VP from 2005 through 2014. I do NOT like the new packaging, I prefer the matching pen case. I “march to my own drummer”, and I just didn’t LIKE the 2015 Twilight edition; that the presentation packaging was so mundane, I chose not to add 2015 to my collection. I have decided that I WILL purchase the 2016 LEVP, because I really like the “textural” look of the pens finish.

I like to put on of my (non-collection) LEVPs into my purse for use at work. Having that matching pen case solves several small issues…that my pen never leaks ink onto the fabric of my handbag; my VPs are never lost or “filched” “accidentally” from my desk, nor is my pen ever used by others, like a pen just “laying on the desk” unprotected might be…at the end of meetings, I put my pen in its case, then into my handbag or briefcase, I. ALWAYS know where my pen is…WITHOUT having to attach a CHAIN to it!! (And, with so many colors to select from, I can bring a “pop” of color to my wardrobe and express my personality…(everyone at work inquires “what color did you get for Christmas THIS year?”

My father brought me my first “Capless” pen in 1967, when the Kitty Hawk returned from WESTPAC…I was 12, and I fell in love with fountain pens! I’ve certainly mislaid, lost, dropped, left or had “filched” enough of my “Capless” fountain pens; and my dad had “standing orders” to buy me a new Capless with every trip he made to Japan, and each pen was a different color…I was hooked! Back in the 60s and even early 70s, few people had ever seen a fountain pen made like the VP! The worst part was that my VPs would “vanish” off of my desk at work! But, when I purchased LEVP with matching pen case, my pen seemed to stay right where I left it! (It seemed that the LEVP within its matching case was safe from the local pen thieves!)

The NEW packaging isn’t small enough to fit into my handbag, it looks a little “cheesy” sitting on my desk at work, and I feel more than a LITTLE pretentious with that big white box that has no useful function sitting there.

I’d like to see Pilot go back to the pen case…or at LEAST make matching pen cases available for sale at a reasonable price each year…but, that’s just me…

24 11 2016
No Pen Intended

That’s awesome. I didn’t get any of the limited editions until the new box was the standard, but I do like the little case. At least having it as a purchasable option is a good idea.

But I carry most of my pens in a Nock Co Case anyway (either the Lookout or the Sassafras) which I can then throw in my bag.

16 12 2016
Mama Via

The last time I looked…and it HAS been a while…the early editions of the LE VP which are all in the pen cases (depending on the desirability of the color of course) were running between $400-900 on eBay! The 2012 “black marble” is listed at $495 and the 2010 “ice green” is currently listed at $750; both are “unused” and both have the matching pen case…(both the “copper” and “twilight” are listed in the $400 range)….I’ve inked and used all of my “old” pens…and, admittedl

16 12 2016
Mama Via

I just looked on eBay..the early editions of the LE VP which are all in the pen cases (depending on the desirability of the color of course) were running between $400-900!! The 2012 “black marble” is listed at $495 and the 2010 “ice green” is currently listed at $750; both are “unused” and both have the matching pen case…(both the “copper” and “twilight” are listed in the $400 range)….I’ve inked and used all of my “old” pens…and, admittedly, I’ve “lost” the very “coolest” of the bunch, the “mandarin” I think it was called…but, I have my “sacred collection” which I just “look at” occasionally…pink, ice green, orange, black marble, Raden and red carbonesque…I’m keeping them “nice” as insurance in my “golden years…haha. So, “old lady advice” to you…is, if you can afford it, buy two each year…one to use and one to leave Un-inked, to sell later…a nice little “investment”…I didn’t care much for the “Twilight”, so I didn’t buy one…my bad…I could have doubled my money on that pen in just a year…it seems that everyone but me loves the color!!!

26 02 2017
Bernard Doddema Jr

Would you be able to show what the nib looks like? I’m trying to find a picture of that black nib! Sounds amazing.

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