Lamy Dark Lilac Fountain Pen and Ink

2 05 2016

I could have reviewed the nib, but ive already swapped on a slightly crisp stubby italic that I ground ahead of this pen’s arrival, which gives you no insight into how it writes right out of the box

A review for the much anticipated Lamy Dark Lilac Safari doesn’t need to be long. Here it is: just buy it. Unless you hate purple, or purple murdered your parents outside a movie theater forcing you into a life of vigilante justice against purple-jacketed villains, then you can pass, but everyone else? You probably ought to get this pen, and the ink to go with it. I hate triangular grips, and I still think you should get this pen.

Heck, I might even get this pen again

Ultimately this is still a Lamy Safari, and my opinions about the Safari haven’t really changed (though it’s no longer the sole best contender for a beginner fountain pen, not since the Pilot Metropolitan hit the streets). But I will tell you what makes this particular Safari a winner among all other Safaris.

I recommend pairing this pen and ink with a Rhodia Ice pad for maximum cool factor

I don’t know if the success of the Pelikan M205 Amethyst led them to this conclusion or if Lamy came up with this one all on their own, but special edition pens can be made in colors other than green. With fantastic results! I couldn’t ask for a more perfect shade of purple.

I could ask, but no one would be able to give it to me

The entire pen is finished with the same matte texture as you’d find on the charcoal Safari. It’s a wonderful texture that doesn’t show fingerprints the way the glossy finishes do, and adds comfortable grippability to the plastic body.

I’m going to sleep now and dream of this most perfect purple

The black nib, clip, and finial seals the deal. Silver accents would have been too showy. The stealth scheme lends the pen an ineffable air of coolness.


Lamy ink is one of my favorites for everyday use — it’s vibrant, it shades, and it’s fairly quick drying. The only downside to Lamy ink is the limited selection of colors available — or, that was the downside, prior to the arrival in the past few years of matching special edition inks. Now I have the purple I’ve wanted to exist since I first learned about Lamy inks. Bonus? The ink has a golden sheen.

This pen and its matching ink are everything I hoped for. My only problem is that they didn’t come out with it sooner.

And Tobi’s only problem is that the ink isn’t meat-flavored

I got mine from my local enabler, Crazy Alan’s Emporium. He might have some in stock if you give the store a call. Otherwise you can find this pen for however limited a time at any fine retailer where Lamys are sold, but not yet sold out. 




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2 05 2016

I posted a quick shot on my IG and commented that now Lamy needs to do a neon purple next year to start catching up with the greens ;) Seriously, though, great review, great pictures, and I am SO glad to finally be able to get a real purple Lamy!

2 05 2016

Great review, though I may be a *little* biased re: purple pens! Hopefully, Lamy will see the enthusiasm for this end of the color spectrum and give us a few more shades of purple to balance out all those greens 😉 I was able to get the Dark Lilac fountain pen at my local pen shop, but they didn’t order any of the matching ink ☹️

2 05 2016

I need this ink in my life.

3 05 2016

What timing given that we just lost The Purple One, Prince.

i have been drooling over this color since I first laid eyes on it. It’s luscious! Do I really need a third Safari?

Yes! Because Prince!

2 06 2016

Lamy ink is vibrant and with this color edition I am completely taken by .
Loved the ink but not very sure about the pen.

2 06 2016

Great looking ink. Thank you for reviewing it.

17 07 2016

I love my Lamy Dark Lilac Safari fountain pen and I’ve only had it a short while. I hadn’t noticed the gold in the ink, but I’ve only got the catridges, so I’ll have to have a play now :)

12 01 2017

Hi! May I ask how did you create that sheen texture effect. It is so gorgeous!!

7 11 2017
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