Pilot Twilight Vanishing Point (2015 Limited Edition)

19 10 2015

I wasn’t expecting to get this pen today, and yet it had only been in the store ten minutes when I got there. It knew I was coming, and rushed to meet me there, I’m convinced. Pretty sure that’s some form of fate, destiny, or other predetermined grandiose excuse for buying pens when I don’t need them. This is my first limited edition Vanishing Point, and without ever meaning to it appears I’ve become a small collector of Vanishing Points.  

sweet marmalade ive figured out how to add captions from the wordpress phone app


There isn’t much to review at this point; it works just like all my other Vanishing Points. The main differences are this one came in a fancy box:



And that fancy box has a little drawer:


To hide things in

And all the usual retractable goodness comes wrapped in a wicked cool color fade


I think kids these days are calling it ombre, which I thought was how you pronounced the Spanish word for man or dude or something heck I really don’t know Spanish

The purple is a warm, luscious shade filled with sparkles


I would also accept a pen entirely this color

Which then fades to an icy blue (which I admittedly am less enthusiastic about, such is my deep and unending love of purple)


It’s a nice blue, it’s just not purple but what can you do

And each pen of the series is individually numbered. 


So if you see anyone else with pen 1880 they’re either lying or they stole my pen

It’s a beautiful pen up close, and perfect colors for winter (which we seem to have skipped right into in my weather zone, so I guess I ought to ink this up now)


each picture in this post is a game of spot the iPhone

It’s a pleasing pen, and I hope this is only the beginning of more Vanishing Points in this coloring style. 



10 responses

19 10 2015

Saw this recently online, and it looks beautiful. But, oh, boy, is it expensive.

20 10 2015
Pentulant / Christine

Gorrrrgeous! Mine will be here any day!!

22 10 2015
Tiger from Outer Space

Ombre indeed is man in spanish.

30 10 2015

no. hombre is the dude and spanish. ombré or ombre is coming from french for shades and gradiations.. ;)

23 10 2015

So, so, pretty! I am resisting for the moment. If they made a red and black one, though…

25 10 2015
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9 12 2015
Jorfimus Prime

Are you going to put purple ink in it to match the purple-y goodness of (half of) the pen?

12 12 2015
Raleigh Edward

you inspired me. no, not to buy this pen. to buy a stub nib unit for one of my VP’s. Hope crazy Alan gave you the deal of the century!

21 01 2016
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20 03 2016

Anyone know where I can get one of these pens now? (VP Twilight) I’ve been searching …. Thx

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