Ink Drop Soup: Is This a Trick Question?

29 01 2014
This post has too many words and not enough pictures. Hopefully this makes up for it.

This post has too many words and not enough pictures. Hopefully this makes up for it.

Some exciting little updates for No Pen Intended (title to this post inspired by the first thing I think whenever someone contacts me asking if I’d like to try one of their products and review it… OF COURSE!!!!)

Zait Pens Resident Reviewer – what what??? Yes, the good people at Zait Pens liked my review so much that they want me to review more (all? many?) of their pens, and have named me their Resident Reviewer. There’s even a rare picture of what I look like (if you were looking at me under very specific conditions…)

JetPens Sponsorship – they’re gonna send me things! Things to review! More on this later but get excited for now!

200th Review Giveaway – we’re not there yet (we’re somewhere in the 160s I believe), but once I post my 200th review I will be immediately following it with a giveaway of various pens, pencils, notebooks and such that I have stockpiled over the course of a while. The only rule for objects I’ve collected for the stash is that I had to get them on sale, and believe you me, I got some good stuff on sale. Brace yourselves!

I’m also still working my way through a 9lb box of various notebooks sent by Grandluxe, I’ve got one more Daycraft diary to review,  updates to post on my attempts to learn a thing or two about nib grinding, and plenty of other good stuff in the works! Also, I’m learning to run again. Running is hard. If I were running around to catch a package of Reese’s Cups in the plains, maybe I would be better at this running thing.




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29 01 2014

Congratulations! Very pleased that you’re being recognized for your efforts.

30 01 2014
Sarah Price


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