Ink Drop Soup: Pen Bros

12 11 2013

Brought to you by randomly deciding to organize some of my pens

I just noticed, this Chelpark Emperior and this Rotring Surf could practically be brothers (clones is probably more the word I’m looking for). Anybody know which one of these two came first into this pen world???

P.S. They are totally different under the hood:


It’s like when you look at twins. Then you look closer and you’re like OH WHOA OK YEAH you guys are actually two different human beings

But the outside was just too uncanny to go without comment!



One response

13 11 2013

There was a Rotring Factory in India. When Rotring shut it down, the equipment and tooling was sold off to pen companies in India. I have a pen from India called the Lincoln Beena. I don’t remember what Rotring model it mimicked but it supposedly was made on old Rotring tooling. That might explain the similarities.

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