Update: Nock Co. Hightower Pen Case Motorcycle Test

8 10 2013
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I took my Nock Co. prototype along for a motorcycle trip to West Virginia. Previous motorcycle trips with pens that traveled daily ended poorly (as rugged as a matte black finish seems, it’s just not cut out for the life of badassery and motorcycle travel). As a control, I also carried a retractable Space Pen loose in my shoulder bag…and here are the results: the Space Pen literally rattled itself completely undone…and all the pens in the Hightower case were just as good as they were pre-trip. Round one durability test success. I’ll let y’all know how it does if I get rained on…though I would definitely prefer to not get rained on.




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8 10 2013

Ok, I’m confused. This really isn’t a product test, because if a pen case can’t handle being thrown in a backpack or duffle, it’s extremely poorly constructed.

What was this a test OF? Pens that don’t travel well? (Hoping this doesn’t sound cranky, I just don’t get the purpose if the post, beyond a plug for what I hope will be a great product.)

8 10 2013
No Pen Intended

To show that carrying my pens in this product does not result in them literally coming apart when I ride a motorcycle while carrying my pens. To show that, when I just stuck a pen in my bag (not in the case) willy-nilly it literally CAME APART. I went to pull out that space pen to write a check and it was no longer assembled. All the pens I carried in the Hightower? As cozy as if they’d been sitting at home on a desk all day. Just because the case can hold pens doesn’t speak to how well it will protect those pens thru unusual environments. This is a data point of durability—if you like carrying fountain pens and riding a motorcycle with a v-twin engine, you can do both, carrying them in this case, and not worry that your pens will come apart or undone.

Also picture evidence that the case made it thru the trip.

8 10 2013

Thanks! If I don’t ask, I’ll never understand!

8 10 2013
No Pen Intended

;) I’ll probably update this post more later once I have more endurance tests done…but the initial review (not yet linked cuz I’m mobile and this mobile app is confounding) just wasn’t enough time to speak fully to how well the product will hold up, just because of how it looks and feels…gotta come back with more hard data once I’ve gotten the product out in the world…maybe with this case, my matte black Vanishing Point can come on trips again :)

9 10 2013

Badassery. Love it.

10 10 2013

Reblogged this on Shewrite63 and commented:
Interesting, helpful pen and paraphernalia reviews.
Of course, I would not let a pen rattle around in a backpack or duffle bag whilst cruising on a motorcycle cross-country. I would no likely find myself doing the latter at all.
So many pens, so little time. :o)

10 10 2013
Bob M

It most be a Harley to rattle a Space Pen loose. I can relate riding my 10 year old two wheeler around usually requires a kidney belt now that I’ve gotten older, but I digress. Great product design for a saddle bag. Since I don’t like things in my pockets when I ride I love the idea of having a couple of pens and my favorite small notebook handy. Thanks for the review and adding to my confusion on which NOCK to get first.. Now back to badassery (Also love it)

13 10 2013
No Pen Intended

Close! I have a 95 Honda Shadow ACE 1100….should’ve got a Goldwing, then I wouldn’t have to worry about any of my pens or internal organs rattling apart :)

19 10 2013
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