Ink Drop Soup: Motorcycle Carry

17 06 2013

My everyday carry for my current motorcycle trip. Notebook is a Renaissance Journal passport size holder that I made a refill for with fountain pen friendly paper (theirs was almost no pen friendly), Lamy Safari M nib w/Lamy blue-black ink, Wilson Leather outlet card wallet, 1977 Honda Goldwing keys, Trident orchard peach+ripe mango gum, medicated Chapstick, Spyderco Delica 4, and cheapo $5 Wal-Mart sunglasses.




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17 06 2013

You’re hard core. If I take more than a 45 minute trip each way, I’ve got two water bottles, advil, a map, and a snack (lets face it, how many trips do you hit the road and after a few hours realize you’re on the edge of unknown territory and you need to plunge in? If it’s a full day trip, there’s a bit more. Overnight and a full backpack is involved!

17 06 2013
No Pen Intended

Haha! Well this is just the stuff that gets carried on my person. My grandfather has all the maps, my uncle has the bottles of water, and my saddlebags have sunscreen, clear night goggles, rainsuit, toolkit, and a little stash of emergency meds. Snacks come from rest stops when available / if needed! :)

17 06 2013

FYI, I haven’t had a favorite pen/notebook/etc. blog until today. You combined fountain pen, paper, and MC into one post along with a rather nice looking knife. NICE!

18 06 2013
Bob M

Love that Delica!, interesting color that matches your gum. Thanks

27 08 2013
No Pen Intended

Now I just need for a dark purple Delica to exist to match my purple Honda Shadow B-)

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