Follow-up: Pilot Petit 1

3 06 2013

Hadn’t written with this little guy in probably a year; started right up!



4 responses

3 06 2013
Shangching CH (@bakanekosan)

I never realize the red one is this adorable! Reminded me of Red Riding Hood :) I can’t think of any complaint about mine either, and it survives from the turbulence of my bag!

3 06 2013
Jackie Capo Parkins

I have 4 of those Pena and I love them. I need a few more colors.

3 06 2013
Jackie Capo Parkins

*pens. Sorry. I’m typing on my tablet and it autocorrected.

27 03 2014
Monteverde Poquito Fountain Pen – Chrome | No Pen Intended

[…] are good, reliable compact fountain pens out there, but the Poquito doesn’t top the list. I would probably […]

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