Pentel Libretto Pen & Pencil Set Giveaway WINNER!

28 12 2012

All right all you cats and kittens, we have a winner! And for a personal first, I had to do all of this on a tablet (nexus 7). No mini laptop, no GIMP, no Photoshop; just the tablet, so bear with me. Thankfully there were only 21 entries to screencap and number. The winner:


Your proof from, which in mobile mode doesn’t display the website name on the random number box (so I screencapped the URL bar as well):


Congratulations Arleigh! You have 1 week to leave a comment here acknowledging that you know you won, and to send me an email with your mailing address! Thanks to everyone for playing, and extra thanks to Pentel for supplying the spare set!



One response

29 12 2012

Yay!! Thank you so much!

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