DIY Phone+book Case

27 12 2012

This is a project that anyone with a complete disregard for the mind-numbing tedium involved can complete.


Making this project will turn you into a hipster lunatic, as pictured here

You’ll need a sharp knife, some kind of proper glue (for unfathomable reasons I chose a glue stick—Pioneer extra strong permanent bonding), a pencil, and a phone thin enough to fit in a notebook. Or a notebook thick enough to conceal your lumbering phone.


Not pictured: the requisite phone for the case

Unless you really hate your writing, you’ll want to get an unused notebook, preferably one with useless paper. No sense wasting good paper.


Got this on sale when Borders went under. Cool cover, but blank/plain Moleskine paper is pretty much the worst. Finally found a use for it!

The easy part: hold the phone next to the paper of the notebook, so you can see how far down in the depth of the paper will be sufficient to fully conceal the phone. Open up the notebook where, if the phone were in the notebook, the page would be flush with the screen.


This is the worst tutorial explanation.

Put your phone where you want it to nest on the page and carefully trace around it. Scream like a pterodactyl when you still manage to get graphite on your precious technological baby. Once you have your outline, start cutting. A metal ruler helps on the straight edges. Check your work periodically–get all the paper dust out of the hole and see how your phone fits. Keep cutting until the phone in the hole is flush with the top cut page. Once that’s done, start gluing. This part will be tedious. Say goodbye to huge swaths of time. Question your decision to undertake this project. Once you’ve glued all the cut pages together AND THE GLUE IS DRY, check your work again. You’ll probably have to do some touch-up trimming for the phone to fit properly again.


Almost like you can’t even tell. I swear it looks a little better in person. With the band on. With the phone actually inside instead of taking the picture.

When it’s done, the glue and your inability to line up the pages properly will give the notebook a slightly used look while concealing what’s inside. The downside: no access to ports, buttons, or the main camera. The upside: UNPARALLELED STEALTH.


And unparalleled nostalgia.

And I’ve left access to the back pocket, as well as some pages in front and back in case I absolutely need to write something on paper. It’s surprisingly secure (I cut carefully to make sure it would fit just so, though it will undoubtedly get looser over time) yet easy to get out by pushing on the back of the pages and flexing the block of glued pages a bit.
Or if you’ve got money to drop, you might do better to either get something like theGOODbook case, or pay someone to go insane making one for you.




5 responses

29 12 2012
Ray Blake

You probably don’t want to hear this, but there’s a simpler way to glue the pages; using a brush apply PVA glue to the inside of the cavity.

29 12 2012
No Pen Intended

Yes, but then I’d have to buy the glue (the glue stick I had on hand for notebook making). Also how does that totally glue all the pages together? Wouldn’t they be loose around the edges? Also I have a lot of free time at work. :)

7 01 2013
Addie (@PhishTwirl)

How did you manage to save pages without risking the current integrity of the glued frame? This is an excellent plan, I will sacrafice my old journal (only make it about halfway through before I get sick of the notebook) for this project.

21 09 2013

Brilliant idea and clear instructions. You’re also very attractive :3

6 11 2013
Monologue Jotter A5 – Blue Cover | No Pen Intended

[…] previously established, I am a fan of hiding things in notebooks. The Monologue Jotter is just the kind of notebook I want […]

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