DIY Pocket Notebook GIVEAWAY

11 12 2012

You remember that post I did about making your own cahier-style notebooks? Well I’ve been making scads of them, and I’ve made one to give away to all of you! Literally, all of you, as this contest will be open to everyone!


Lazy iPhone photos ahoy!

It has 26 pages of white Rhodia dot grid paper, size equal to 1/2 of a sheet of Rhodia Bloc No. 16.


Please forgive this experiment in laziness, but pulling out the big camera takes more effort. More effort means longer to get the giveaway to you.

The cover is red posterboard, and the notebook features a back pocket:


Grocery list not included

And baby blue hand stitching:


This phone takes good pictures, but perhaps not when I can’t hold my hands still at 4 in the morning and I only upload the medium image size. TOO LATE NOW. THE GIVEAWAY MUST GO ON!

That’s about all there is to the notebook, just a simple, lovingly hand-made imperfect little notebook up for grabs.




  1. To enter, just leave one comment on this post any time between now and Tuesday, December 18th 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time. This contest will be open to everyone, everywhere! But since I’m footing the bill, if you live far away you’re not getting any frilly big-money rush delivery.
  2. One winner will be picked at random from the comments section of this post. Make any kind of comment—but only one comment! Comments in excess of one shall be deleted. The comments will be numbered in the order they are received, i.e. the first comment is #1, the second #2, and so on. Because my blog doesn’t seem to number the comments on its own yet, and I STILL don’t have time/the willpower to fix it, I will again hand-number all the entries in Photoshop like I did here because I am a masochist and numbering is just ever so fun. The Random Integer Generator at will be used to pick the number of the winner.
  3. I’ll post the contest winner on Tuesday, December 18th. Winner will have one week to email me. There’s a link to my email at the top of the right sidebar.

Good luck everyone!



31 responses

11 12 2012

I’m a new reader to your blog! These notebooks look awesome!

11 12 2012

Kindred spirit, I salute thee! And the notebook is even in holiday-spirit red…ahh!
Happy holidays, punning penster.

11 12 2012
Erica Y.

That notebook is cute!!

11 12 2012

I am totally going to try making a notebook like this myself one of these days. I’ve done a bit of bookbinding before, and it looks a fun project. Until then, however, maybe I’ll just win this one that you’ve made?

11 12 2012

Dot grid! Awesomesauce!

11 12 2012
Ray Blake

I’d love to win one.

11 12 2012

Cool! This looks really nice :)

11 12 2012


11 12 2012

The notebook looks nifty! Thank you for the chance.

11 12 2012
Ken (@bogong007)

Looks really good with the bonus of Rhodia dotgrid paper.

Whoops me and my big mouth. I’ve linked to FountainPenGeeksForum

11 12 2012

nice notebook. im in.

11 12 2012

This contest is too cool – I would be honored to win your handiwork :)

12 12 2012
Karen Y.

Wow this looks nice! & I love the paper!
Thanks a lot for the giveaway!

12 12 2012

omg that looks amazing

12 12 2012

This notebook looks fantastic, and its in my fav color :b

12 12 2012
Addie (@PhishTwirl)

If i had the time and the funds I would definitely try and make these on my own- that and I have an insane fear that I would massacre whatever journal I attempted to make :(

12 12 2012
Pilot G2.38

Nice looking notebook.

12 12 2012

Very nice job on this notebook!

12 12 2012

Good work :)
Love that it’s Rhodia Paper

12 12 2012

Thank you for doing another giveaway. Rhoda dot grid paper is my current fave for both writing and arting.

12 12 2012

very cooooooooooool :O

12 12 2012

Wow, very generous of you. It looks great with the baby blue stitching! Wondering if you would add one of your lovely sketches to it? Love your blog!

13 12 2012
Cary L. Tyler (@dothgrin)

Tis the season..and a great gift!

14 12 2012

Good stuff! I like how you’ve invented a way to make pocket notebooks w/ items at-hand.

15 12 2012

This looks awesome!

15 12 2012

You’re really kind to give a away such a splendid handmade notebook.

15 12 2012

oh, dot grid. ily.

15 12 2012

Beautiful red color !

16 12 2012
T. K.

I love dots…

16 12 2012

I would love to own this unique ONE of a KIND noteBOOK. And also I may have peed on your carpet, sorry.

18 12 2012
Aisazia (@aisazia)

Thanks for the great giveaway! Just made it in time! Phew.

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