Dong-A Cronix Ballpoint Pen with Hybrid Ink – 1.0 mm – Black Ink

24 10 2012

See that shadow line at the top? That’s from using a Rhodia Dot Grid notebook, writing several reviews in advance while out and about, having to fold back the review to start the next one…so inconvenient.

Any time hybrid ballpoint ink pops up, I’ve got to check it out. Thanks to JetPens for providing this sample!

Your basic clicky ballpoint

The Cronix is a no-nonsense situation: monochrome, with a semi-translucent smoky dark gray barrel and lightly accented gray grip.

There you go, that’s the only decoration you get

It’s simple. It works.

The final word is how it writes, and how it stacks up in the super-smooth pantheon. It’s pretty dark, but not every stroke achieves maximum darkness, with the overall effect being writing that isn’t as dark as the full capability of the ink (such as the darkness achieved on multiple passes, when coloring something in).

I really hope they come out with smaller tip sizes. I am not used to non-microtip pens nowadays.

Smoothness, however, is pretty good. I do sense some rare occasions of a sort of microhesitation, as if at times debris or a smidgen of gunked ink has to pass clear of the movement of the ball, but overall the smoothness is satisfactory. The Cronix isn’t going to unseat such kings as the Jetstream or the Vicuna, but it certainly beats out a regular ballpoint pen.

It’s like the Jetstream’s less-cool little brother or cousin or something. Forever doomed to live in the shadow of a greater pen…

If you’re looking for a down-low understated-looking super-smooth ballpoint pen, and for whatever reason the Jetstream just doesn’t do it for you (maybe you hate Uni-ball or kittens or something, I don’t know), take a look at the Dong-A Cronix.

Dong-A Cronix Ballpoint Pen with Hybrid Ink – 1.0 mm – Black Ink at JetPens




3 responses

24 10 2012

Love your reviews, but I can’t — anymore — get past the whole disposable-plastic-implement thing. A thousand years hence, what will the archaeologists of the age make of all the plastic “applicators” (you know what I mean) and pens they find? What culture so revered these things that they were made to last forever? And what novel use will they imagine for them? Now that’s a daydream to have…

I love the UniBalls if I have to use a disposable…and I hate the pens whose ink clots on the ball, so I’m glad to see you comment on that…

24 10 2012
No Pen Intended

Haha :D at least they are technically refillable or at least take-apart-able, though JetPens does not seem to currently carry the refills.

16 04 2013

Thanks for all your great reviews, and for sharing your art with us. Now to work my way backwards through the entire blog . . .
Jesse (Canada)

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