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21 08 2012

Great round up, glad you overcame such wordpress tragedies!

Also, thanks for showing off Speerbob (Harpoon pants?). I’m pretty sure the day won’t end without me placing an order from him/them. Crud.

19 10 2012
No Pen Intended

Bwahaha! Always great to find new sources of different pens

21 08 2012

The photo of all the open bottles of ink… is your obsession contagious?
Thanks for the report!

22 08 2012

I really enjoy reading your posts and am so glad that you posted this despite WordPress being a butt. This looks like a mindblowing experience. Wish I could have gone.

19 10 2012
No Pen Intended

I will always overcome technological absurdity in the name of pendom! The pens must be heard.

27 08 2012
Anne P.

Love this! It WAS a great show!

29 08 2012
Fountain Pen

Ballroom for Fountain pen, so Awesome. Loved to see that people so much love fountain pens. Great post. Thanks for share.

19 10 2012
No Pen Intended

Glad you like it! Pen shows are a blast.

23 02 2013
Stipula Passaporto Crystal Clear Eyedropper Fountain Pen | No Pen Intended

[…] Stipula Passaporto was just a distant, expensive dream until I stumbled upon it half-priced at the DC Pen Show (at Speerbob’s booth) and couldn’t […]

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