Zebra Airfit LT Ballpoint Pen with Push Grip – 0.7 mm – Pearl Green Body – Black Ink

4 08 2012

One day I will collect all my best doodling ballpoint pens in one place and draw myself into oblivion

Ten points to Zebra, for making a “feminine” version of an already gender-ambiguous pen, without offending the entire human race. Many thanks to JetPens for providing this sample!

Before I froth and rave about its predecessor, let’s evaluate the Airfit LT on its own merits

It’s a standard-sized, lightweight plastic body, simplicity done well. You’ve got 3 colors, nicely balanced—mostly pearlescent mint green, with main accents translucent-clear, and just the right amount of silver shine.

It sparkles! Like fairy dust magic! …or vampires, apparently. I know when I look at sparkles, the first thing I think of is the blood-sucking undead.

I wasn’t expecting a ballpoint, for whatever reason (the reason being that I didn’t pay enough attention when reading the product description). I’m curious why, if the original Zebra Airfit is a beefed-up version of the Sarasa Push Clip, they wouldn’t outfit the ballpoint version of the Airfit with a Surari refill.

Not pictured: the Surari refill that SHOULD be the standard for the Airfit LT

It makes a difference. While this pen is decent for doodling, for writing I’m not thrilled. Surari smoothness in this pen body would be thrilling, as would having a deluxe version of the Surari (comparable to the Jetstream, which has quite the snazzy deluxe version). It’s a good pen, but it could be better.

AIRFIT BATTLE! Featuring adorable cell phone charm by Chiou!

A quick rundown of their differences: the Airfit LT is obviously thinner, and slightly shorter, with a smaller grip section. The big advantage in the LT’s design: much smoother transition between the grip and the nose cone. Very well done, and undoubtedly superior to the abrupt stop between those elements on the original Airfit. Now, what the LT gets wrong:

Pretty much this entire area here

I’m biased. I’m a HUGE fan of the clip on the Zebra Sarasa Push Clip. Really disappointed it didn’t put in an appearance on a pen of the same size. I’m willing to sacrifice some of the minimalist appeal for a clip that functional. Especially if it has accommodations for an adorable little cell phone charm.

As far as refills go, I have been unable to get the Sarasa Push Clip, Uni Signo & Jetstream multipen refills, and a handful of assorted other refills to fit, though I have not yet had a chance to try the Surari refills I have. Will have to update that later today.

While it’s a good pen, I still prefer the original Zebra Airfit (which fits Sarasa Push Clip refills and Jetstream RT refills). But I’m a sucker for that clip. If you hate the Push Clip’s clip, and want that neato airfit grip without the oversized barrel, then this is probably the pen you’ve been looking for!

Zebra Airfit LT Ballpoint Pen with Push Grip – 0.7 mm – Pearl Green Body – Black Ink at JetPens




7 responses

4 08 2012

Am enjoying reading your reviews, even of a ballpoint I will never use, and am especially appreciative of the excellent and useful photos you provide.
Plus you’re funny and since laughing boosts our immune systems, I consider you a component of a good all-around health care program! :-)

Now, why don’t I ever see reviews of Waterman fountain pens, thus far my favorites? Are they on a fountain pen black list somewhere?

Cheers, Elizabeth P.


19 10 2012
No Pen Intended

I now own a Waterman! And a review of a Waterman! The times of change are upon us! :) I think the problem is with Waterman, you should tell them they need to give me some free samples of pens like Pentel did. All the cool pen companies are doing it.

25 02 2013

I just now found this reply from you! I shall have to go find your review. A free Waterman costs a little bit more than a Pentel, though, doesn’t it?

4 08 2012

Ballpoints aren’t really my thing, but that Katara chibi is killing me! Thanks for the link!

19 10 2012
No Pen Intended

All of her cell phone (/pen) charms are painfully adorable. Need one for every pen

29 06 2013

Is the Institute for Functional Medicine’s Linus Pauling Functional Medicine Award prestigious?

27 08 2013
No Pen Intended

Is this question even remotely related to pens? Are you a spambot?

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