Daycraft Cookie Bookie

15 06 2012

This is the most unreasonably adorable notebook I have ever seen, and that includes all manner of miniature assortments of bound paper. I couldn’t even mentally process how precious it was when I first received this sample from Daycraft. How can words ever hope to convey this:

Midnight snack edition

I’m afraid I can’t attest to how sturdy it may or may not be, because whenever I see my Cookie Bookie I just want to wrap it up in a paper-lace napkin and cradle it and remind myself that it’s not for eating.

I swear I’m not going to eat it! I just wanted some tea! Who would even use chopsticks to eat a gigantic cheese cracker, don’t be ridiculous.

The cover is that same irresistibly, touchably soft Italian polyurethane used in the Daycraft Signature Diary, with the added bonus that the Cookie Bookie cover is ever-so-slightly-squishy. Beautifully made, down to the little thread cheese dots in the cracker.

Lance wishes their crackers looked this pretty

Even the spine keeps up the appearance, properly recessed and cheesy-looking. I’ll have to get back to you on how well this holds up, but top marks for style.

Dishware not included

No elastic band or any other type of closure mechanism (that would ruin the illusion), but the book easily stays closed on its own (and strongly takes into consideration your request for it to remain open).

Love the slightly darker cheese border around each page

The paper did well with most pens I tested, including many fountain pen inks (particularly the quicker-drying inks like Lamy and Sheaffer). Thicker, wetter, slower-to-dry inks and the Sharpie Marker had a bit of shadowing on the other side of the page, and a couple dots of bleedthrough on the heavy inks.

The beginnings of bleedthrough with Noodler’s La Reine Mauve in a Caran d’Ache broad nib

The effect was very minimal, not something that would get in the way of my using both sides of the paper.

Is there any color I can’t use on this paper? …maybe highlighter orange?

I think I’ve found my new perfect paper for writing with the Uni Signo Broad white gel ink pen. Look at that ink pop!


First of all, at the Daycraft website you can now order their products online with free worldwide shipping. Just PAY ATTENTION, all the listed prices are in Hong Kong dollars. So when you see HK$129, take a deep breath and pull up a currency converter, because at time of writing that’s just $16.63 in the US. Hopefully in the future the website will integrate a currency converter in the website, at least perhaps a drop down menu you can pick from if not automatically detecting the country you’re in, but one step at a time. The biggest thing is I can now review these notebooks and you can all actually buy them!

Good news #2: To celebrate Father’s day, Daycraft is offering shoppers who buy The Moneywrap online before June 18th a Father’s Day bonus – 20% off their next Daycraft purchase of other products. That’s $56.46 [at time of writing] for a sweet leather wallet. Feel free to buy me one, even though I’m not anyone’s father.

Thanks again to Daycraft for providing this sample for review!

The Cookie Bookie in Cream Cookie, Cheese Cracker, and Lemon Waffle at Daycraft




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16 06 2012
molossus, whose life imitates doodles

Great review! I can attest to the fact that these notebooks are sturdy. I managed to push mine into a bowl of water. There was a little darkening of the paper along the edge on a few pages, but overall it did just fine. I carry in purses and my 2 and 5 year old great nieces have added their touches. It’s still holding up wonderfully!

16 06 2012
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16 06 2012

These are so cute looking, which makes me want to draw more..I am wondering what is the paper weight?

28 07 2012
No Pen Intended

Good question. If I can ever find the catalog they sent me, I might be able to eventually answer said question…

21 06 2012

I had seen these before, but was unsure about whether it would be worth getting one. It couldn’t possibly be as adorable as it seemed, right? After reading your review of it, though, I couldn’t resist–and it arrived today, speedily sent and carefully packed. I’m so impressed. Your review is spot on–I don’t know whether to eat it or cuddle it. I suppose I could write in it.

28 07 2012
No Pen Intended


25 06 2012
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