Ink Drop Soup: The Moleskine Tradition of Quality

24 04 2012

Pretty sure "le vrai moleskine" still "n'est plus." Or maybe the legend has just always included centuries of shoddy construction and I just don't know any better.

In a world where “quality” is synonymous with “being mauled by a small bear.”

Not the first time I've had a random hole in the page in the cahier notebooks

I imagine the quality control process consists of one person carrying a box of notebooks over to the QC inspector, and then the QC inspector laughs brutally in that person’s face until they carry the box away to the shipping trucks.

I don't appreciate buying jeans pre-ripped, and I REALLY don't appreciate buying shrink-wrapped notebooks pre-ripped. Didn't care enough to stop me from drawing on them anyway.

If I hadn’t figured out how to make these notebooks for less than a dollar a notebook, I’d probably be peeved enough to write a sharply worded letter, or demand some kind of retribution. As is, I’m just shaking my head, wondering why I’m not the one making beaucoup bucks scamming consumers into paying top dollar for tripe like this.



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24 04 2012

The spine broke on my last Moleskine, when I was only about 10 pages into it. I sent off a photo to Moleskine, and they sent me a replacement. I gave the replacement away to a work colleague who worships Moleskine…….

I agree, QC is very shoddy on the Moleskines in general.

24 04 2012

Send it to the Moleskine company with a note and your address. Maybe they will send you two back (not like this one!) by way of apology.

I switched from soft cover Moleskine to B&N Ecosystem to get sturdier binding and recycled paper, much better than thin Moleskine paper for fountain pens.

25 04 2012
No Pen Intended

Piccadilly notebooks also have some surprisingly fountain pen friendly paper, in my experience so far. I’ve got a big Piccadilly graph notebook that’s especially good.

25 04 2012
Perfect Tommy

Tell us how you *really* feel, sister. :-) Nice rant! Sorta hot, almost. ;-)

25 04 2012
No Pen Intended

Hehe :) I swear, one day I’ll stop. But it seems like as soon as I slip back into a comfortable state of ennui, content not to care about Moleskine anymore, they throw some other little thing up in my face. Such as turning to draw on the next page and finding that hole!

25 04 2012
Note Booker, Esq.

I haven’t purchased a lot of Moleskines, but I have no complaints at all about the cahiers I have purchased. The paper in the hardbound notebook was much worse — bleeds so bad I half expect it to bleed with pencil — than the paper in the cahiers.

25 04 2012
No Pen Intended

Have you tried the plain paper, or just the lined or graph? The plain is leaps and bounds worse than the other two types, for whatever reason.

25 04 2012

I’ve heard many complaints about Moleskines..just curious why so many people still buy them then?..What’s the attraction? Can’t be price I’m thinking.

25 04 2012
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25 04 2012
O. Closely

I gave up on Moleskines years ago because their paper was such poor quality. Junky product surviving on reputation for trendiness. So tiresome.

18 04 2013

I agree with the general judgment on Moleskine: a terrible value, when similar products from Rhodia or Clairefontaine aren’t much more expensive and are far superior in quality.

23 03 2014
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[…] Ink Drop Soup: The Moleskine Tradition of Quality […]

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