Noodler’s Ink Ahab Fountain Pen Lapis Inferno Flex Nib

3 02 2012

I didn't realize until afterward that I've got the exact same pen color & ink scheme as Office Supply Geek. OOPS

In spite of my inability to manipulate flex nibs in a way that creates true beauty, I still keep buying Noodler’s flex nib pens. Can this one really be that different? Yes. It can.

A real pen's pen

Thicker body with tapered grip? Much more comfortable to hold, and for only, what, $6 more? Well worth it. And this time, I managed to keep up with the box:

It's a cool box. You'd keep up with it too.

AND the instructions, which include Moby Dick inspired Noodler’s artwork, an explanation of the nautical design elements, and how this new filling mechanism works.

Everything you need to know, even if you feel like you have no idea what you're doing (click if you actually want to be able to read it)

The clip is a whale. The resin is a majestic ocean of your choice. Speaks for itself, really.

And can't you just hear the whale's majestic song? oooooOOOOOOOOoooooeeeeeee WAAAAAAAAOooooooooooooooEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH

Oh, by the way, this pen fills with a neat-o keen pump, which I find much easier to work with than the twisting piston on the smaller models.

And the pump rod at the end that also has ink in it? Works like a little reserve of ink. When you run out in the main chamber, push the rod down and the pen has access to that bit that's left.

Push down, pull up, push down, pull up one last time, and you’re done. Personally I think that’s easier to deal with, especially for a fountain pen beginner, than models with tedious twisting.

Biggest nib yet. Probably because of the whole whale thing.

Mine had no trouble writing right out of the box. I’ve read some mixed reviews online, some even going so far as to say that they would NOT recommend this fountain pen for beginners. I disagree. Unless you are rolling in wads of fat dough that you can drop on some high-end fine-tuned exquisitely crafted flex nib, then I think the Ahab is going to be the best flex nib you can get into without making the kind of price commitment normally reserved for business mergers or marriage proposals. If you’re looking to get into fountain pens (flex nibs especially) but don’t expect some fiddling to possibly be involved, then you’ve got to be fooling yourself. Some people may have to fiddle around to get exactly the flow they want from this pen; some people may be perfectly content with the pen as is. It’s easy enough to take apart on your own, without feeling the trepidation of taking apart something more expensive but equally serviceable, like the TWSBI (first time taking apart felt like I was breaking into a museum, or taking apart someone’s heirloom pocketwatch or something).

Family photo op!

It’s as customizable as you want it to be. You can decide never to mess with it, or you can go as far as to carve into the ebonite for more ink flow. Makes it more uniquely yours, don’t you think?

Almost forgot to add this gratuitous picture

I found the Ahab to be a delight to draw and write with (cursive writing in particular). Many thanks to Goldspot pens (full disclosure: I received a small blogger’s discount on the pen)! And HEY HEY YOU GUYS, at the time of writing this, Goldspot pens is having a Valentine’s Day sale, so you can get the Ahab for $19! Hop on it! Or harpoon it. Hyuk hyuk.

Noodler’s Ink Ahab Flex Nib at Goldspot Pens

Plus a couple awesome reviews, and some tips on adjusting the pen:

Noodler’s Ahab flex pen review by Peninkcillin

Noodler’s Ahab Flex Nib Fountain Pen by Office Supply Geek

Noodler’s Ahab Flex + Adjustment Tips by tanalasta at the Fountain Pen Network



7 responses

5 02 2012

You need to flex it more! Mine is a mixed bag. I loved it at first but now I’m having trouble getting it to start after I have switched to another ink (Herbin Vert Olive).

9 02 2012
No Pen Intended

I try, but I think this may be the consequence of being left handed, writing from the left side of the page to the right. Putting on more pressure just means I’m digging the nib into the paper. Maybe it’s time I learn to write backwards, Leonardo da Vinci style. Just making doodle loops going from right side of the page to the left looks much better, cooler, and flexy-er.

I’ve always been kinda disappointed with Herbin inks. They look washed out to me. No shading. And it seems like they tend to fuzz out more. :T

11 02 2012
Azizah A. (@GourmetPens)

Great review! LOL while reading your whale references/sounds, I was totally picturing Dory from Finding Nemo when she was speaking whale. I’m so envious that yours worked right out of the box. Mine (as well as my piston-fill) has been a pain in a whale’s tail since I got them, despite mountains of effort to get them to work. Sigh. But you’re right – to get a finely tuned flex costs a pretty penny so it could be worth the risk, so to speak, to go with an Ahab. I dunno what’s up with mine though… I’m so frustrated with it. I have yet to open up the feed a bit more but I think that’s going to be next.

You draw so well! I love the tops of your review pages! I’ve got a few J. Herbin inks… I do agree, sometimes they do seem a bit washed out but it can be nice for certain things when you want a nice, gentle color. Although Vert Olive looks really pretty with big fat nibs!

Well, end long ramble here. The whole point was to say I enjoyed your review!

13 02 2012
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3 03 2012

Great review! Just ordered one! Can’t wait. It’ll be the first thing I review on my new pen blog. Maybe I too, someday, will qualify for bloggers’ discounts.

20 03 2012
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