BIC Disposable Fountain Pen

30 12 2011

Ubiquitous BIC ballpoints crowded out fountain pens from the market in the first place. Everything has come full circle, as the fountain pen prophecies foretold.

Rumors of the fabled existence of a new brand of disposable fountain pen first reached my nosy ears over a month ago. After several disappointing trips, I finally located said mythical product on the Staples shelves of my hometown.

Why buy one color when you can get AAALLL THREEEEE

Bic—known for its disposable lighters, razors, cell phones, and ballpoint pens—has entered the disposable fountain pen game.

The holes are for: a)target practice. b)aesthetics stringing several pens together festively, interspersed with berries and popcorn d)all of the above simultaneously

I like the look of the clip, but otherwise am not impressed by the design. It tries too hard. But I think it’s a requirement for all disposable fountain pens (except for the Sailor Ink Bar) to be ugly, so that you’re not tempted to keep and refill the pen. Which, I guess, makes pretty good business sense.

Towering majestically over the fruited plains of North America....wait does fruit grow in plains? I thought it grew in groves, or patches...

The hard plastic grip is not particularly comfortable. At all. I’m writing this review by hand prior to typing it up, and it’s starting to wear on me. Maybe it’s the hard ridge where the cap snaps on that’s being such a pain in the thumb. The Pilot Varsity, for all my complaints against it, barely has a ridge where its cap snaps on, making it a little easier to write with.

But for writing, it’s pretty good! I was pleasantly surprised—the ink doesn’t fuzz or feather out on most paper (unlike the Varsity), and it dries pretty quickly. The blue is my top pick—it’s almost a Lamy blue (the red is more of a pink, and the black feels off to me, but I’m all about this blue). None of the nibs were scratchy; they just have that nice tactile feel when writing. AND the ink doesn’t smell weird.

One more picture, because you've all been so good. You deserve it

My main concern with this pen is that eventually, I fear the cap will crack. It’s got a very strong hold when you snap the cap on…and the plastic feels like it might be the crack-prone kind….the only reason I’m so worried is because the cap on my Platinum Preppy cracked, wouldn’t stay on, and the pen dried out. Maybe the BIC plastic is thicker, perhaps not as brittle.

The grip is also a concern…it isn’t so much a problem if I’m mindful of how I’m holding the pen and make sure my thumb is above that ridge…but I probably won’t sit down and scribble out a novel with this pen. But it’s nice. It’s decent. And more importantly, it’s another option that’s bringing fountain pens to a mainstream audience. I don’t want to dream too big, but this is exciting! Think, we might have a re-normalization of the fountain pen! At the very least, I hope BIC will roll out more colors. Turquoise, please. Turquoise makes everything better.




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30 12 2011
Shangching CH (@bakanekosan)

Wow, that is a good news! Now I can convert more people to fountain pens, though I have been doing so with Preppy. I agree that blue is the most pleasing color among three. I love your drawings as usual!

9 02 2012
No Pen Intended

Thanks! :D The Varsity (preferably in turquoise) is also a good cheap starter. So was the Sailor Ink Bar, before they discontinued it :( But the Preppy is good for starting if you want refillable cartridges.

2 01 2012

Did you try to pull it apart for a refill?

9 02 2012
No Pen Intended

No, but I will. Probably when I finally resign myself to the fact that I don’t like this black ink enough to ever use it, and I’d be doing it a favor by trying to send it down the drain.

2 01 2012

The blue worked the best in my pack as well, though my red wrote the poorest. I reckon the quality control isn’t the tightest on these fellows.

9 02 2012
No Pen Intended

Maybe blue is just magical? :)

9 01 2012
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23 04 2013

The whole front section looks suspiciously like that of the Pilot Petit1. I hope they come to my local Staples.

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