Sheaffer VFM Matte Black Medium Point Fountain Pen

9 12 2011

This blog post will be typed with my keyboard hidden under my desk, where my cat can't get to it. In retaliation, this post will also be written with over 70% of my screen vision blocked by a furry feline presence.

I first heard about the Sheaffer VFM—Very Fancy Mango—from Goldspot Pens. Another $15 fountain pen? PREPOSTEROUS.

L. L. Bean: The very best boot for taking pictures of your fountain pens on

I held off on buying one at first, since the VFM came in a beautiful plum-colored body…but not for the fountain pen model. But I caved on my second-ever trip to the Art Brown International Pen Shop, and added this pen to a pile of Noodler’s Ink bottles.  It’s a very modern-office kind of pen. Thinner-than-your-average-fountain-pen profile, matte metal body, minimal branding beyond the “White Dot®” on the clip, and the name SHEAFFER printed three times around the trim.

This is the brand that offers an 18 karat solid gold fountain pen, WITH A DIAMOND ON IT, for about $20,000. How much attention are they even going to bother with on a dinky $15 pen?

I have been dissatisfied with the low-cost fountain pen options from some other brands; they may have great high-end products, but when the entry-level options are so shoddy, why would I want to risk throwing more money down that hole? I am delighted to say that Sheaffer is no such brand, and this, my friends, is an excellent pen.

They weren't BSing that whole "Sheaffer® White Dot® of quality" thing. Does this mean, if I extract these Dot®s and apply them to inferior fountain pens, they will be magically transmogrified into quality pens?

This thing is the real deal. This is what you get and give to the fountain pen curious individual. It takes standard international cartridges, it’s simple, it writes wonderfully.

It's not going to win a fountain pen nib beauty pageant, but then again, no one is, because those don't exist.

It only comes in a medium nib at the time of writing this, but I think it’s on par somewhere between a medium and a fine. At the very least, it’s not too thick for my blood. I’ve been favoring this pen for work lately, because when I need to write something, I need to write it fast; the cap pops right off, pen hits the page, and everything is 10-4 writing happy funtimes. I daresay this pen might currently be the front-runner for my favorite in the Approximately $15 Entry-Level Fountain Pen category.

No frills, no fuss, just fountain pen, pure and simple, and I can’t argue with that.

I couldn’t find a handy link on the Art Brown site for this particular pen, so instead, Goldspot takes the link:

Sheaffer VFM Pens (the fountain pens are the ones you want) at Goldspot Pens



7 responses

9 12 2011
Rori Lieurance (@RoriRants)

AWESOME! I just bought 2 Sheaffer Preludes (I bought the second one because I love the 1st one so much) and I could not be happier! Smooth, easy, elegant writers–and under $50! WIN!!

Thanks for the review–I had been wondering about these because I don’t like taking my Preludes with me–this would be a great option–and no worries about refills!

9 12 2011

I have to say, it’s pretty good looking, especially for the price.

13 12 2011

I have a Javelin (ground to an M italic), Statesman and a No Nonsense. I love using all of them. The Javelin looks closest to the VFM. I might have to try one out.

16 12 2011
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