Ink Drop Soup – Boombox Arsenal

17 11 2011

Dinner is served

Feeling restricted by Twitter, I wanted to roll out a little segment, a header under which I might categorize all my random pen/ink/paper/etc. musings, to post my write-ups that are not reviews, and can’t be expressed in 140 characters. Such meanderings shall henceforth be declared Ink Drop Soup, so if you don’t care for such ramblings, you can easily avoid them.

It's a set of keys! it's a boombox! It's a wooden bench!

One of the few good things to come out of the closing of Borders Bookstores was that, in the final going-out-of-business sales, I was at long last able to afford overpriced junk like this thing and Moleskines. I probably paid somewhere between five to nine bucks for this thing. Ah, what is this thing? It’s a boombox. No really.

This thing is the epitome of what seems like useless hipster garbage. Only it's actually useful.

First, I attached my keys to it, because I keep losing my keys. Then, I started to keep stuff in it. I’m surprised how much it holds.

Amount held: one scientific unit of a heckuvabunch, or, 1.2 kilahekabunches

The essentials: one mp3 playing unit, to plug into the boombox; one matchbook of Writersblok perforated sticky notes; one Zebra mini-pen; 8GB of memory (one of the two flash drives I use to hold all my pictures for this blog). Optional, not pictured: coins, small sewing implements, band-aid(s), stick of gum, what have you. It’s my favorite mini-arsenal that I’ve assembled so far, and is always handy wherever my keys may go.



2 responses

17 11 2011

Cool post and pics! :-)

17 11 2011

I look forward to the new series of posts! No Pen Intended has become one of my favourite pen blogs, so I’m sure “Ink Drop Soup” will be just as great as the reviews. And your boombox looks like a rather handy item indeed.

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