Paper Mate Gel Pen 0.7mm Green Ink

1 11 2011

I can't see green without thinking of leprechauns and shamrocks. Maybe this is why I don't own more green pens.

As fun as it is to review expensive, esoteric, aesthetically transcendent, and otherwise otherworldly pens, I figure it’s high time I once again review something simple. Something normal, non-pen-crazed people might recognize, perhaps even own in their pen cups: the Paper Mate gel pen.

It kinda looks like the less-cool cousin of the Jetstream Sport.

The design is unobtrusively simple; not boring, but not exceptionally eye-catching either. It’s pleasant. It’s modern (or, it’s at least not horrendously outdated).

Wavy clip. Wavy is modern.

I feel like pens on the cheap end of the spectrum need to be a bit overboard in terms of their on-product branding. You’re not going to mistake a Pilot Vanishing Point for a Lamy Dialog 3, but am I really going to know Paper Mate from Write Bros from store brand without some obvious labeling? Possibly not. And dark gray was a nice choice for the lettering.

Does any pen come out of a close up looking clean / not covered in fuzz and debris?

Most importantly, the Paper Mate gel pen does a decent job of writing. Smooth enough, no blobbing or messes, consistent ink flow, good color. Yet again, we have found a pen I think would be better for office use than the Pilot G2.

For best results, use on a backdrop of perfect leather.

I’m pretty sure I got this as a freebie sample when these first arrived new at my local pen store, Office Supplies & More, so I can’t accurately advise on price or on if you have to buy these in packs of more than are really necessary. But I’m pretty sure all the major big-box office supply chains carry them as well, if you are not fortunate enough to live near an independent retailer of pens.

Paper Mate Gel Pen profile at Paper Mate



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2 11 2011

Very nice! :-)

3 11 2011
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