Pentel Hybrid Technica Gel Ink Pen – 0.3mm – Black

13 08 2011


I think I’ve seen some tweets bouncing around that favorably mention the Pentel Hybrid Technica. I’d never noticed the Hybrid Technica in stores before—either the packaging was uninspiring, or the pen wasn’t actually there. But through the magic of tax-free weekend, my eyes were opened and I spotted a whole cup full of Pentel Hybrid Technicas in all sizes at my local pen store. Naturally, I went with the most lethally sharp and minuscule tip available.

It's what's inside that counts!

Honestly, I assumed this was just going to be another impulse-buy write-off, another plastic body for the graveyard drawer of mediocre pens. The design isn’t much to remark on; in terms of appearance, it looks like a very close cousin to the Uni Signo DX. Line width clearly marked on the top, the better to see when jumbled up in a pen cup, little bit of branding…nice and standard, but nothing worth wasting anymore sentences on.

Note the lone frill over on the right--a keyhole in the cap where you could thread something through, perhaps to wear as a necklace.

For writing, it’s not my pen. It’s just too scratchy when writing; I’ve probably got a hundred other pens I would use before I’d want to write with this one. But I absolutely LOVE this pen for sketching and doodling.

WARNING: Walk, do not run, while carrying an open Pentel Hybrid Technica. Failure to comply with this public safety recommendation may result in eye injury, loss of morale, death, and or compromised national security. Thank you.

The lines are sharp, thin, and precise. It’s easy to make quick and light guidelines as well as slow, dark, deliberate lines. I should have just left off the writing part and done all doodles, because the doodling was fun.

Don't you like the way the cone sort of flares out at the bottom? Makes me think of very old telephones, for some reason.

And, as an added bonus, the Pentel Hybrid Technica body perfectly fits the Pentel Slicci refills. If you’re like me, and feel like writing with the Slicci body is akin to writing with skinny little twigs, then our problem is solved. Here’s an acceptable body that can house the exceptional (or at least better than average) Slicci refills. Even if the Pentel Hybrid Technica doesn’t come in more colors (though I hope it does), I can always keep this body and rotate in the Slicci rainbow.

This is exactly how the Hybrid Technica looked when we met eyes, and the pen whispered tearfully, "Oh! Please take me with you!"

Once again, I’m reviewing something I got in my local pen store, Office Supplies and More, that is not as easy to find online (read: not carried by JetPens). Luckily, Pentel carrries the Hybrid Technica in their online store with sizes ranging from 0.3mm to 0.6mm. Apparently, as of the time of this writing, Pentel also has free shipping on all orders over $20 (until September 16th), if you’re into that sort of thing.




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13 08 2011

I have a complete set of these pens, and I love their line quality. They are completely, lightfast, and archival. The ink is much, much richer than the equivalent Sakura micron pens. But I have two issues with them. First, they leave a very wet line, even on absorbent surfaces like sketch paper. On hard surfaces like Bristol, the ink stays wet forever. I have accidentally smudged many line drawings because the ink looked dry but it wasn’t, even after many minutes of drying. Second, the pens can be a bit finicky. They like some paper more than others (but with no predictable pattern) and will sputter on surfaces they find distasteful. I also found that the wider points (0.5 and 0.6mm) can write beautifully on one part of a page, and then inexplicably stop writing on another. I can’t see any difference between the two areas of paper, so it can get frustrating. Nonetheless, I still keep reaching for these before any of my other pens, because the line quality is just so nice.

27 08 2011
No Pen Intended

I need to pick up the other sizes and see if I get the same thing happening. I always wonder with cheaper pens if it’s something inherent in all models of the pen, or if the problems I encounter are just aberrations due to poor quality control :T The only solution to this dilemma is obviously to buy more pens…

15 08 2011
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21 08 2011

I believe the hybrid part of the moniker refers to the manufacturer’s statement that the ink is pigment based rather than the more common dye base usually found in gels, along with its use of a ball point. Quite innovative. Thanks for the review

27 08 2011
No Pen Intended

Thanks :) Makes sense….and I didn’t know that about the ink, so thanks for sharing!

23 08 2011

If only there was a french or european jetpens… or at least with shipping fees cheaper… :) I could buy a lot of new pens… ;)

27 08 2011
No Pen Intended

But you’re in Europe (I presume)! You have fountain pens in normal people stores! I am sad that I didn’t really get my pen obsession in full gear until AFTER I spent time in Europe :T I am determined to go back, partially for the food/culture, and partially for the writing supplies. :)

4 04 2012
Perfect Tommy

The 0.4mm size seems a pretty smooth writer, yet an EF line for sure. You oughta try it!

26 10 2014
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