Uni-ball Jetstream Ballpoint Pen – 0.7 mm – Alpha Gel Grip Series – Silver Body

20 07 2011

Jetstream is just about the only black ink I still love right now (I am on a colored ink kick, what can I say)

I believe I mentioned to Brad at JetPens that my new job involves inordinate amounts of training and excessive amounts of note-taking, and that my hand was probably going to fall off, explode from callouses, and shatter at a molecular level. Or maybe I just said that I thought the alpha gel grip was great, and Jetstreams were great, and we could not possibly live in a universe where the combination of the two is anything but greatness squared; given these facts, should JetPens find it in its heart to bestow such an item unto me, I would be so grateful that not even the most extravagant of metaphors, no matter how many mythical creatures I invoked in said metaphor, would properly convey my thanks. Maybe I’m exaggerating, but the facts are these: JetPens did send me such a pen, my gratitude is at an all-time high, and this pen really is greatness squared.


I won’t dwell on writing performance; I’ve reviewed the Jetstream 0.5mm before, and there isn’t much that differs between the two except that the 0.7mm, being larger, is ever so slightly smoother. They take the exact same kind of refill, these two models, so if you don’t care for the 0.7mm you can easily swap it out.

Ok, so maybe it's not the MOST beautiful pen. BUT IT PERFORMS BEAUTIFULLY

The design, I admit, leaves me a little perplexed. I like the top half. I like the bottom half. But I keep getting the strange feeling that their designs were generated by giving two separate and isolated design teams a vague set of parameters (“silver. white. classy”), then taking the top half of one team’s design and adding it to the bottom half from the other team. Maybe if the grip were a different color, like a pale blue? Maybe I just can’t handle white and off-white on the same pen. I don’t know. But to be honest, I don’t care. Is this what infatuation is like?

The grip could be puke green for all I care; doesn't change the fact that it is the perfect amount of squishy

Being almost entirely metal, the Alpha Gel Grip Jetstream has a nice weight in the hand. The clip seems reasonably sturdy (though I still prefer a hinged clip), and it clicks just like a pen should. Like every good grip, the alpha gel has an almost supernatural ability to attract cat hair, dust, food crumbs, and other little bits of debris that like to populate purses and pockets, but it’s easy to wipe off with a damp napkin, or, for the uncouth, a bit of spit on your thumb.

I almost wish that more of the pen were covered with the Alpha Gel grip; the gnarled way I hold a pen causes pressure on the end of my third finger and in the crook between my forefinger and thumb. It would probably look really weird, but I don’t think I’d complain if there were an inch more grip to the pen.

Gaze into the Alpha Gel Grip. Become one with the Alpha Gel Grip. You need the Alpha Gel Grip. You ARE the Alpha Gel Grip.

Whether or not the Alpha Gel grip is the One You’ve Been Searching For depends on your preferences. For me, if the grip is too squishy, with a firm grip you just end up holding the barrel, with a bunch of fancy grip piled around the edges of your fingers. But if the grip is too firm, you might as well not have a grip on the pen at all. I find that the Alpha Gel grip strikes the perfect balance; it cushions, but has enough firmness that all grip doesn’t flee from beneath your fingers.

This pen and my Kuru Toga Alpha Gel are now my designated test-taking/oh-heck-I'm-gonna-be-doing-way-too-much-writing instruments

As far as price goes, I think it’s well worth it. You’re paying for a lot of metal (sturdy) and a very nice grip (squishy). It would be nice if you could buy a replacement grip in case you wear the current one out (though I don’t know how likely it is to wear out), but I don’t think that’s currently an option. If you’re like me, and any nonstop writing effort that lasts for more than ten minutes starts shunting your hand into a deformed world of pain from the amount of furious concentration you instinctively devote to your grip muscles, then this pen is worth it at any price. I easily foresee more of these, perhaps the black body, finding their way into my JetPens cart. And if colored grips come out? That will be my Kryptonite.

Note: If you buy one of these and are not satisfied, please send it to me. I would be glad to take it off your hands.

Uni-ball Jetstream Ballpoint Pen – 0.7 mm – Alpha Gel Grip Series – Silver Body at JetPens




24 responses

21 07 2011

Chuckled my way thru this post! Absolutely too funny!! I am one with the pen. . .

24 07 2011

Hey, nice review.

Have you tried the
Pilot Dr. Grip Equilibrium (Center of gravity or G-Spec in some countries)?

I’m asking because that pen also has a special grip.



27 08 2011
No Pen Intended

Hmm, I have not. But I like the way it looks. Onto the wish list it goes!

27 07 2011

my pale pink one came yesterday…..I love it.

29 07 2011
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12 11 2012

I found that the gel grip didn’t go far enough down for me. I guess I hold my pen abnormally close to the end. I thought it’d be the pen of my dreams, but alas, my search continues. I think it’s back to the basic series for me.

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9 04 2014
Nancy J

I have been reading this website for the last hour I am glad my manger has not looked my way :o.. Really good information for fulltime office/full time student !. Thank you much.. I always looking for that perfect pen!. :)

9 04 2014
No Pen Intended

If you get caught by your manager, say you’re doing research to improve office productivity! :)

19 04 2014
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29 05 2014
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30 06 2015
Helen J. Gauperaa

Hi, I’m just wondering if you think the 0.5mm refill would work with the 1.0mm pen body? I saw above you could swap lower diameter refills, but just wondering with this.
Oh, I also read some reports that said that the Jetstreams produced in the past 1-2 years aren’t as good (ink quality/blotchiness and flow) – what do you think? Thanks!

12 08 2015

Quite an amusing review! The only thing that bothers me is that I find the grip is a little too high. If I grip it normally, my fingers will be right on the edge of the grip. I do have small hands so that might be why I hold a pen lower than others.

12 02 2019
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