Happy 4th of July!

4 07 2011

I’ve spent all day inside, because why go outside into the sweltering and humid cesspit of atmosphere known as “the outdoors” when I can sit around, enjoy the air conditioning, and run around my room finding all the things I could that were Made in the USA (all the things being defined as “all the things I could find before my attention span abandoned the endeavor”)? :)

All items pictured say somewhere on them a variant of "Made in the USA" or "USA"

We’ve got, roughly from left to right, the Write Dudes USA Gold Wooden Pencils; Prismacolor Col-Erase colored pencils (some of which were made in the USA, those being the ones pictured here, others being made in Mexico, which obviously were not included in this picture); Noodler’s La Reine Mauve ink; Prang Professional Watercolor Cakes; Ecosystem Artist’s Journal; Canson Sketchbook; Prismacolor Markers; this odd old Eberhard Faber Singlex eraser thing; Prismacolor Turquoise “Chemi-Sealed” drawing pencils; Sheaffer fountain pen; Strathmore Watercolor Artist’s Trading Cards, Exaclair Quo Vadis Habana Journal; Strathmore Watercolor Visual Journal; Speedball Super Black India Ink; Strathmore Drawing Notebook; and then all my Noodler’s Inks in the back row: Violet, Dragon’s Napalm, Polar Blue, Lexington Gray, and Black Swan in Australian Roses. A fun, though not comprehensive array of USA-made products. Too bad I don’t have any combination firework sparkler/pens; that would really complete the day.




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