Pre-Review: Appalachian Motorcycle Pen Battle

4 06 2011

If you follow my Twitter you may have picked up on the fact that I ride motorcycles.

Well, just the one motorcycle really. This one.

Great as my bike is, it doesn’t have a fuel gauge or a trip odometer, so writing down and keeping up with the last time I got fuel is pretty important, lest I get stranded on the side of a mountain with no gas. What does this sound like a job for? A PEN. And I can’t just use any pen, oh no no. This has to be some kind of special pen.

Right now, I’m on a motorcycle trip (which, combined with my moving and with my finishing up my last job, is the reason why there were no reviews this week and why there will be no notebook review today), which is the prime opportunity to test out a range of pens.

The range.

Yesterday I tested the Tombow Airpress all day, and today I’ll give the Lamy Pico a spin. I may not get to try all of these (and some of them, like the Capstick, probably aren’t suited to life as a motorcycle pen), but my goal is to be able to compare the Airpress, the Pico, the Uni Power Tank with a full day’s use each, and then a mix of the others during my last day on the trip. On Tuesday, I’ll write up a NO HOLDS BARRED PEN BATTLE for your education and enjoyment.





5 responses

4 06 2011

Can’t wait to see how the Pico does. Still need to pick one of those up.

12 06 2011
No Pen Intended

Pick one up if you think you can find a better cartridge to put in it :T Disappointment City, population: this Lamy ballpoint cartridge.

4 06 2011

Yay for the Sharpie pen! I really like these pens. The red is very nice, haven’t seen that particular shade in any other pen.

What bike is that?

12 06 2011
No Pen Intended

1998 Suzuki 650 Savage :D my first motorcycle…had it almost, hm, 2 years now?

7 06 2011
Economy Pens

For “rugged” and “on-the-go,” it is hard to beat the Power Tank. It just feels like it is designed for road trips, especially with the little tire-like grip. Very cool posting, by the way. I look forward to reading more.

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