Pentel Sliccies Kira 3 Color Gel Ink Multi Pen – Pen Body – Green with Lime Green, Milk Blue, & Golden Orange 0.3mm Gel Ink Cartridges

28 05 2011

I do not know why, but I cannot fully, accurately represent the golden orange color. It baffles me. Neither photos nor scans seem to quite capture it. All I can say is that you'll just have to buy it for yourself, because it is a fun color.

The final freebie from the generous giftstravaganza JetPens sent my way! :) Thanks again to Brad and JetPens!


This has got to be the slimmest multi-pen barrel I've ever gripped

I think if you were to capture a fairy godmother, melt her down, and pour the screaming magic into a pen barrel mold, you’d get the Sliccies Kira 3 Color barrel design.

The four component model will feature a slot for a 0.3mm retractable magic wand

I mean that in a good way, of course; it’s shiny, it’s metallic, it has diamond-shaped sparkles. And I love the color—way more of a blue-green than a green, much to my delight.

The material the barrel is made of, however, concerns me. It’s a very hard plastic, and it’s already begun to crack on the upper barrel, at the join where the two parts of the barrel screw together. I have had this pen for about two weeks now? And it’s been living the easy life in pen cases and soft pockets of bags.

See those two black lines on the upper right? Those are cracks, and there are two more like that on the opposite side.

There’s a lot on both sides of the scale for this pen barrel. One the one hand, it’s actually thick enough to qualify as a pen, instead of a shish kebab skewer. This was one of my biggest complaints with the regular Slicci pen.

Suitable neither for skewering meat nor cushioning your fingers in comfort. At least it has ridges, like a potato chip, and thickness, like me after I eat too many potato chips.

A bit of colored plastic on the end of the component fits into the plastic window to indicate which color is where. Here we have the harder to see Milk Blue.

I like the method of displaying which component is where; the little plastic window is subtle but informative, and allows the smooth little plungers to maintain a uniform, clear appearance. Unfortunately, when the plunger is deployed, you can no longer see any of the little colored bit. You have to use process of elimination by looking at the other two (or you have to write) to know which color you have out.

The plungers are smooth and comfortable. They click firmly, and I have had no problems switching between plungers. Only once, I’ve had one of the components come unsnapped from the plunger; I have no idea why, and it was very confusing at the time. I can offer neither advice nor explanation, only anecdotal report. Otherwise, I’m quite happy with the plungers.

On the other hand, what in the world are those little square cut-outs on the barrel FOR??? I have no idea.

On to writing.

One day, in one of these pictures, the ink on the little rollerball will look like a face, and it will be the happiest day ever. Just you wait.

I’m ambivalent, overall, on the 0.3mm multi pen Slicci. Something just never quite felt right, though I can’t exactly put my finger on what. I definitely got some wonky performance from the milk blue component. The components always felt stable in the pen, but there was something weird feeling, seemed like it was in the tip, perhaps the rollerball, that made things feel a little unstable. The problem wasn’t consistent, but it was frequent enough to be off-putting. I also think that, in the Slicci line, the 0.3mm is a little too scratchy for me. I often felt like the pen was right on the fence—almost too scratchy, but then it would behave smoothly enough for a while, then it would seem a bit on the scratchy side again. At the very least, the writing experience didn’t have a consistent feel. That’s my biggest problem here; I can’t get a feel for how the pen behaves because its behavior just isn’t consistent—it’s a pen with unpredictable mood swings.

I will say that I never had problems with skipping or ink flow, nor issues of smudging or ink pick-up. The ink, I think, is good, but the tip size is not for me. The colors, like the other Sliccies I’ve had, are bright and vibrant.

I’d like to try some 0.4mm ink components in this barrel before I nix the Sliccies multi-line entirely. If the 0.4mm performs well, then the next step is for Pentel to offer slightly higher-end barrels, like something that won’t crack within a week or two of use. The design is otherwise decent, but needs to be made with better, more durable materials. I think the best thing the Slicci line has going for it is the breadth of rich and vibrant ink colors it offers (all of which, sadly, are not available for the multi-pen. Dear Pentel: I would please like a dark purple 0.4mm Slicci multi pen component for Penmas! Thank you); now it just needs a decent body around it.

I know the camera is focused on the tip, but the best part of this pen is what's left behind when you ditch the metal tip, the pen body, and all the other bits that make the ink conveniently usable.

Thanks again, JetPens! :)

Pentel Sliccies Kira 3 Color Gel Ink Multi Pen – Pen Body – Green at JetPens
Pentel Sliccies Gel Ink Multi Pen Ink Cartridge – 0.3 mm – Golden Orange at JetPens
Pentel Sliccies Gel Ink Multi Pen Ink Cartridge – 0.3 mm – Lime Green at JetPens
Pentel Sliccies Gel Ink Multi Pen Ink Cartridge – 0.3 mm – Milk Blue at JetPens




One response

28 05 2011

I wanted so badly to like this pen. I was happy when Jet Pens first got them and ordered them early on. None of my cartridges wrote well at all and I have the lime green and golden orange also. I also felt they wrote a lot scratchier compared to the regular Sliccies. My barrel cracked too after a short time. Maybe it was a bad run but I decided to stick to the regular pens.

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