Mini Review: Pelikan Pelikano Green Right-Handed Fine Point Fountain Pen

9 05 2011

This is what happens when my right hand does the writing.

I snuck this in to a recent order from Goldspot pens, my justifications being “I want to try the fine nib” and “now I’ll have a fountain pen for all my right-handed friends to try! Maybe they won’t hold this one completely wrong. Maybe they won’t get ink all over themselves when they use this one.” The actual reason, of course, was “AW YEAH I WANT ANOTHER FOUNTAIN PEN!” You know how it goes.


I’m not going to rehash a review I’ve already done; we’ll just update on what’s relevant to the pen being right-handed, and the nib being fine.


I didn’t have any problems using the pen to write with my right or my left hand; all was smooth in the Pendom, and sweet spots of writing were found in abundance. The nib is a nice, European-style fine. It’s a good width and it’s easy to handle. You can see in the close up that the right-handed nib differs from the left-handed nib, but it’s not to such a degree that opposite-handed writing is impeded by use of the pen. It just seems like you really feel the sweet spot when you’re writing with the nib that matches the hand you’re using to write; otherwise, the pen writes smooth but there’s that little extra oomph that isn’t there.

Turquoise: probably the best color, or definitely the best color?

Also, this Pelikan turquoise (giant ink cartridge) is utterly wonderful. The color makes me happy. This picture doesn’t do it justice. I’ll try to add a more justice-worthy picture later. The color is fun and rich, much like a playboy billionaire. And the turquoise looks good coming out of this bright green pen. I think that’s where the playboy billionaire metaphor falls apart.

Anyway, this is a great fountain pen in the under $20 range, and would make a great gift, provided I’ve already got that same pen for myself. I swear, the NEXT order I’ll get one for my friends.
Pelikan Pelikano Green Right-Handed Fine Point Fountain Pen at Goldspot Pens
Pelikan Turquoise Giant Fountain Pen Cartridge Refill at Goldspot Pens




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