Update: Pelikan Pelikano Left-Handed – Mini Review

26 04 2011

What, match the color of this sample to the previous Pelikano sample? Gracious no. WHY WOULD I EVER MANAGE TO DO THAT?

I knew one day that all that camera fiddling and laboriously close-up picture taking would pay off. Commenters Connie and Erin noticed from the pictures in my Pelikan Pelikano left-handed fountain pen review that the tines of the nib did not seem to be properly aligned. With the judicious use of an eye loupe, some tweezers, and a red table clamp I was able to adjust the tines, and sure enough the pen writes SO much better now. Nothing but sweet spot. If any of you have problems with a Pelikano not wanting to write, I recommend you check your tines.


I’ve almost used up the entire giant ink cartridge the pen came with. There’s maybe 1/7th left; let me see approximately how many pages I’ve written…looks like about twenty 6.5×8.25″ pages, and a couple 8.5×11″ pages. By the way, most of the writing I’ve done with this pen looks far better than that terrible haphazard scrawl I’m allowing to pass for a mini-review. I’ve got many pages of fairly decent cursive in my little staplebound Clairefontaine notebook. I don’t know why my second writing sample decided to look as terrible as possible.

Thus, the pen is fixed, and much joy is felt throughout the land. I still wish the cap posted on the end differently, but other than that, I love this pen. Thanks again to Goldspot Pens for this pen!

It looks like it has a mouth. Like it is awestruck, shouting, "EVERYTHING I WRITE....IS NOW ASTOUNDING." Also, this is still probably not perfectly lined up, but it's much closer to being far better than it was.

Pelikan Pelikano Blue Left-Handed Fountain Pen at Goldspot Pens




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9 05 2011
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