Mini Review – Rotring Fountain Pen Converter

25 02 2011

I would show you the converter off the pen, but then I'd have to take the converter off the pen. That's too much work.

I want to make additional quick mention of the Rotring Fountain Pen converter I got for my Rotring Art Pen. First, a disclaimer: this is the first fountain pen converter I’ve ever owned. All my other fountain pens are either cartridge-fill, have a built-in piston fill, or I found with a sac converter already in it. I do not really have any holistic knowledge to judge this item against.

That said, I think this is a good fountain pen converter for the pen I got it for. Fits easily and snugly on the pen, holds a good amount of ink, and I’ve had no leaks so far. I could not get the converter to fill through the fountain pen tip as per these instructions on JetPens–not a drop, I don’t think, went up into the converter in all my attempts–so instead I just took the converter off, dipped the end of it in my ink, and filled the converter before putting it back on the feed. Use of the converter is pretty intuitive (thankfully, since it comes with no instructions), and I had no other problems getting the converter to work. No complaints here!



Rotring Fountain Pen Converter at JetPens




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25 02 2011

Hahaha, I love the caption on the last picture :D

26 02 2011

I have a bunch of converters from different pen manufacturers and they’re pretty much indistinguishable from one another. Not a big surprise as most pens are designed to use standard ink cartridges, which means the converter has to connect in the same way.

26 02 2011
No Pen Intended

But not all cartridges are the same, are they? I have some that let ink through a very narrow hole, and others where the whole end of the cartridge is essentially punched out when you put it on the feed. I wouldn’t think that pens with these two different types of cartridge would be able to share the same converter.

14 12 2013
Rotring Newton Fountain Pen | No Pen Intended

[…] cartridge in this pen. I’ve read somewhere before that you need to use the special (pricey) Rotring converter in the Rotring pens or it won’t seal properly…I don’t know for sure about all […]

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