Pilot G-2 Gel Ink Pen – 0.38 mm – Blue and Black

21 02 2011

I used a Pilot G-2 07mm at the bottom, just to reassure myself that it still sucked. It did. I felt better.

I didn’t want to like this pen. I didn’t even want to get drunk and pretend to like this pen for the sake of social appearances. My feelings (read: unequivocal hatred) on the Pilot G-2 07mm pen have been touched on before, and I assumed that if one pen (one kind of pen; I’ve used at least 6 different individual pens of this kind)  in the G-2 line wrote so abysmally, they probably all would.

My hatred for the 07mm G-2 is so great that it warps nearby color fields, distorting what should be a black pen and a bright blue pen into a grainy and color-ruined mess.

I was wrong. These pens, unlike their thick-tipped siblings, do what a pen should–write. And they do so consistently, without frustration, agony, or boundless torment. They make a nice, fine line, and only bleed through the page if you put water on top of the ink.

Loan them out for stabbing parties.

Now, let’s not get carried away here, these aren’t THE BEST 0.38mm pens that money can buy. But they are decent; in fact, I daresay they are, as so many people mistakenly believe of larger-tipped G-2 pens, good pens (a coworker pointed out that many people tend to confuse “good” with “not the absolute worst”). One of the biggest advantages of the Pilot G-2 0.38mm is that, unlike other true micro pens, I have seen these very pens in an actual walk-in-and-physically-hand-over-your-money-or-money-substitute store (Target, to be precise; they have been on a quiet but significant campaign of improving their pen and journal section recently, or so it seems in these parts).

My biggest complaint about what is otherwise a fully sufficient working pen is the body. This is a matter of personal taste–I absolutely hate the body of this pen.

That little "0.38" is the only thing separating this pen from the garbage bin.

It is the same body as all standard G-2 pens, and I hate them too. In my mind, the Pilot G-2 body somehow manages to represent everything that is wrong with the American pen market. It just screams to me, “Here is where innovation stops. You will die, and right next to your deathbed will be a brand-new G-2 pen, AND IT WILL LOOK EXACTLY LIKE THIS.” (Implicit in this statement: “AND NO ONE ELSE WILL CARE”)

I want the option for this pen to look like more than just drone ink. I’ve seen the limited edition Pilot G-2 body, but it doesn’t impress me much. The best I’ve managed so far is to put the ink in the body of a Pilot FriXion Ball knock retractable pen. I’d like to see a fun, modern, minimalist, SOMETHING ELSE option, but this may be another pipe dream.

If you love the G-2 line of pens, you probably already know that you should own at least one of these. If you really hate the G-2 line of pens, perhaps you’ve had nothing but unending consternation every time a G-2 has been involved in your life, you should at least give the 0.38mm a chance. I promise you, it’s not like the others. It understands you want to use it to write things down. It’ll be okay.

Get one today! Blend in with all the other pen-ignorant troglodytes while secretly having a pen that actually works!

Pilot G-2 Gel Ink Pen – 0.38 mm – Blue at JetPens

Pilot G-2 Gel Ink Pen – 0.38 mm – Black at JetPens

Also seen in 5-packs at Target, and in sets of 12 from corporate office supply ordering sites like Staples’s eWay. So maybe you might find some in stores there as well?




8 responses

29 03 2011
Tomáš K.

If you want something else, there are the B2P. I’m not so sure about the G-Knock, but I think The Pen Addict once mentioned them. They are both a remarkable improvement with the same refill.

1 04 2011

oh you are too funny! this one gave me tears in my eyes! (as opposed to tears not in my eyes.) :-)

6 09 2011
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22 03 2013

If you love the .38 refill much and it is such an integral part of your life then pony up the money and buy a fine pen body that accepts the G2. There are many including some custom makers.

13 09 2013
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24 09 2013
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24 06 2015

Super old article but I thought I’d add my 2-cents. I love the G2 at .7mm so maybe you are looking at me funny already, but I really love the .38mm, and it’s pretty much all I write with anymore.

I put it in the G2 Limited body, as it adds some weight / flair without giving me a heart attack should I lose it, but I wanted you to know there are a LOT of other options out there.

Did you know the G2 ink perfectly fits in any Lamy body? Some might call me crazy for preferring the G2 ink over Lamy, but I do. Did you know it’ll also fit into some Mont Blanc bodies as well?

There’s actually an array of bodies which are compatible, so while Pilot has nothing inspiring, you can still branch out and keep their awesome ink.

3 05 2017

Really enjoying your blog. Very funny and informative. I have a Dr. Grip Gel body, which accepts G-2 refills.

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