Pilot Fineliner – Black Ink

18 01 2011

While clicking will enlarge this image, it won't do a single thing about how crappy my scanner is.

Imagine, for a moment, our intrepid pen-reviewer out with a few pens (and friends) in a dim and hip little bar. As she approaches the bar for drink number …3?, one of the patrons catches her eye–or rather, she is drawn to what the patron is holding. A pen! Conversation is initiated. The owner of the pen–one Risden McElroy (or so I wrote on a napkin), tells me his father swears by this pen, as an artist, and Risden offers to let me have said pen! I promise Risden such delights as a forthcoming review of this pen, firstborn offsprings, etc. And here we are. Risden, I apologize for not remembering what your face looks like; we will, for simplicity’s sake, assume it somewhat resembles your name, as drawn above.

It caught my eye due to its 1950s kind of simplicity. IT CAUGHT MY HEART DUE TO ITS 1950s KIND OF OBEDIENCE

The body itself is of little note–lightweight plastic that feels neither super cheap (like a Bic Stic) nor super fancy (or even regular fancy…maybe subfancy).

This is what it looks like when you tell a really cheap pen to clean up and look respectable for the company. It's still a cheap pen, deep down, but it's not the cheapest.

The cap posts without problem, fanfare, complication, technicality, or difficulty, and more importantly it stays there.

The clip looks sturdy, but I never clip pens onto anything. It could be absolutely awful and I wouldn't know.

For writing, this pen is nothing outstanding; felt-tip pens aren’t my favorite for writing purposes. For drawing, however, this pen has excellent line variation. In the hands of a talented individual, I bet this pen can do great things.

I have probably spent most of my life shortchanging the capabilities of felt-tip pens.

Even being pretty novice-level at using felt-tip pens, I found it easy to adapt to the possibility of holding the pen at different angles to get different line widths. It was also easy to consistently achieve the kind of lines I wanted, which was part of what made using this pen so fun. Even not knowing what I wanted to draw, I knew I wanted to keep making different marks with this pen. I like when a pen is fun to use; obviously, I end up more likely to use that pen and then get better at the particulars of its operation.

Using a photo to accurately represent the color of the ink would be more effective if I bothered to take my photos in good lighting conditions.

Two things to note about the ink: it’s not pitch black (in spite of how my images look), and it isn’t even close to being waterproof. However, the ink creates a lovely cool grey look when subjected to water; undoubtedly exploitable for artistic applications.

I like this pen, and I’m glad I got the serendipitous chance to review and use it. If I create any new, neat artwork with it, I’ll get a link up here, because I definitely plan on working more with the Pilot Fineliner.

Unfortunately, the Fineliner isn’t available through JetPens. Here’s the Pilot Fineliner on the Pilot Pen Online Store; I haven’t looked into where else it’s available yet.

Before we close this off, let’s take a look at the set-up involved today in taking the pen pictures. I took them in a weakly-lit cafe using a very low ISO, and had to come up with some precarious improvisations to keep the camera still enough to get a clear shot.

Timer for the French press coffee / decorative pen support

Tripod / cup of coffee. Yes, there's still coffee in there. No, this probably was not my wisest decision.

Thanks again, Risden! :)



7 responses

18 01 2011

That might be one of the best tripod improvisations yet!
And I love the humour in your posts/reviews. Just sayin’. :)

18 01 2011

Where you get this Camera? What camera it be?

Plz do a meta-post on how you do posts.

18 01 2011
No Pen Intended

Nikon Coolpix P80–I’ve had it for about 3 years now. I was actually thinking of adding a post to the About section detailing my current set-up and process behind each review. Of course, the camera used to take the picture of the camera was just my cell phone.

18 01 2011
John M.

Best Tripod Ever!!

21 01 2011
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