Kaweco Sport Classic Fountain Pen – Medium Nib – White Body with Aubergine Purple Ink

11 01 2011

Aubergine, or, as normal people call it, eggplant purple. Click to gaze upon the majesty.

I’d like to introduce you to the very first compact fountain pen I bought, the Kaweco Sport Classic. I originally bought this pen because I had this notion that it would be my winter pen (since it was white, like all the snow I wanted but would probably not get) and match my purple winter coat with its aubergine ink (this part was actually accomplished).

Some people have accused this pen of being a tampon. Some people should just get bent, because I like this pen anyway.

The compact size makes this pen great for carrying around in my coat pocket, and the screw-on cap means I don’t have to worry about it coming open and redecorating the interior of my coat.

The quality of this picture leaves a lot to be desired. Like, for instance, quality.

With the cap posted, the pen is of a comfortable length for writing, and just generally holding, looking as though you’re about to write.

Sometimes I’ve found I’ll post the cap too…forcefully?…and I’ll have to put some effort in to get it back off; maybe this is me, maybe this is the pen. The body is lightweight, but doesn’t just feel like cheap plastic–this plastic is sturdier, more willing to suffer the slings and lint of life in a pocket.

Just the right hint of fanciness without costing a fancy gentleman's fortune.

As for writing, I have no problem with the nib–the nib is satisfactory, and I was pleasantly surprised at the line variation I was able to achieve with this pen. However, and this may be an ink issue, the performance of this pen varies greatly with the paper used. On Leuchtturm 1917 dot grid paper, it takes an impractical span of forever for the ink to dry, but it doesn’t bleed through. On Moleskine paper it performs abysmally, as does everything besides a ballpoint pen. Writing the review, it did great and dried quickly, but is about to bleed through the page.

The seedy underbelly (seeds not included)

I haven’t had any problems so far with the nib drying up or refusing to write, nor does it tear up my paper (a disadvantage of some fine-nib fountain pens I’ve had…but then, this isn’t a fine nib pen). Unfortunately, there’s nothing much impressive to say about a medium nib. WOW, SO EXACTLY NEITHER BROAD NOR FINE! It’s just not as exciting, you see. But the nib has performed well for me so far, and the experience of writing with the pen has been one of warm contentment.

They see me rollin--NO WAIT, THEY DON'T. Kaweco fountain pen, you are designed specifically NOT to roll!

I like the octagonal cap design, especially for a compact pocket pen. You get the advantage of not having the pen roll away, like you would have with a clip, without having to worry about a clip getting caught on something in your pocket and wreaking utter destruction until the clip breaks off. There is an optional metal clip for the Kaweco Sport fountain pens, if you want. I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet, so I’ll reserve judgment.

Comparing to other compact fountain pens, the Kaweco seems more durable, has a better (or at least, better looking) nib, and writes much more cleanly. I can use this pen to write or sketch. It does tend toward bleeding through the paper, but with a color this lovely I’m willing to forgive it. At the time of writing this, the aubergine ink is out of stock, but hopefully JetPens will get this back in stock soon (though I’m only about to run out on my first cartridge out of six, so I have time to wait).

If you’re looking for a compact fountain pen that isn’t fueled with molten adorability, but instead want a nice, minimalist, classy little fountain pen, the Kaweco Sport Classic is a good starter option.




Plus, the gold accents just look snazzy

Kaweco Sport Classic Fountain Pen at JetPens

Kaweco Fountain Pen In Cartridge – Aubergine Purple at JetPens




15 responses

11 01 2011

Thanks for posting the link. After watching you write with this, I want to try my hand at it

16 01 2011

Nice review. I love teh Kaweco Purple.

16 01 2011

Very cool! ;-)

22 01 2011

Your reviews are a great combination of detail and snark. :)

23 01 2011
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30 01 2011

i was finding this review while looking for high-res images of the Kaweco Sport Classic. Your style of writing is very short-lived and one is sorry to find the end of an article, which always seems to come too soon. I like your ideas on sketching and scanning and read all your other posts, keep up the good work.

9 02 2011
EN ink


After the New York Times article on Sunday I started looking for the Kaweco sport pen, and every place online is sold out and my local pen shops don’t carry it. How hard are they to find? Any suggestions?

EN ink

9 02 2011
No Pen Intended

That article really created a rush on Kawecos! I’d recommend getting it from JetPens, which is where I originally got mine from; they’re currently out of stock, but should have more in 2 weeks (according to their Twitter). If you go to the page of the model of the pen you want on JetPens, there’s an option beneath the pen’s picture to subscribe to restock notification emails…and then just wait, unfortunately! I’m in the same boat…I was actually thinking of getting a Kaweco Fine nib last week, then that NYT article came out and every model was gone. I think the only other option is to find someone who already has the pen and challenge them to a duel for it. :)

9 02 2011
EN ink

Thanks! How do I know if I want a medium or fine nib? I haven’t used a fountain pen for years, but for $15, thought I’d give it another try.

9 02 2011
No Pen Intended

I think it’s all personal preference, but I’d say, if you’re just getting back into fountain pens, go for the medium. This review is done with a Kaweco medium nib, and you may notice it’s still makes a fairly thin line. I haven’t had a chance to use the Kaweco fine nib yet, myself, but in general fine-nibbed fountain pens can be more finicky to work with (perhaps inconsistent ink flow, perhaps the nib is scratchy and gets paper fibers in the nib, stuff like that). But I’ve gotten on a fine-tipped pen kick lately (mostly gel pens) so I wanted to give it a try. This medium nib is nice in that it doesn’t put out tons of ink when it writes (a problem I’ve had with other medium nib pens) but always writes smooth and consistently. And if you don’t like it, I’d certainly take it :)

I’d also recommend playing around with writing on different types of paper, once you get the pen. High grade vellum tends to give the crispest lines, but takes a little longer to dry. A more absorbent paper will dry faster, but is more likely to bleed through the page (unless you are using a thick paper). I think I read somewhere that more recycled paper tends toward bleeding and feathering more, but now I might just be repeating baseless hearsay…

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