Nomadic PE-08 Easy Classification Pencil Case

5 01 2011

No, I didn't draw this. But I did take the pictures. And buy the stuff. It's comparable, yeah?

I agree with the title, this pencil case is easily classified as FANTASTIC. In my earlier days of pen acquisition (and by earlier I mean a few months ago), I saw one of these pencil cases on sale for about $9, and, thinking that my burgeoning pen collection could use a nice, orderly home, added a beige Nomadic pencil case to my order (beige being the only color available).

Godzilla Hamtaro not included with purchase

Lo, I filled it with many assortments of writing utensils, before finally settling (currently) on keeping a traveling artists’ kit in there

My art supplies collection

I put in only what I needed. What I needed was a Kuretake waterbrush, all five Akashiya SAI autumn color watercolor brush pens and the outline brush pen, a Sailor Ink Bar disposable fountain pen, a Prismacolor Col-Erase light blue and regular blue pencils, the Uni-Ball Color soft blue 0.5mm mechanical pencil, 0.38mm Uni Style Fit Slim in Blue-Black, a Faber-Castell black brush pen, a black 0.5mm Kuru Toga with NanoDia lead, 6 different sizes (005, 01, 02, 03, 05, 08) of Sakura Micron pen, Pentel Jolt 0.5mm pencil, Pilot Color Eno 0.7mm soft blue lead, a Bic stick grip, another Kuru Toga in blue with 0.5mm Pentel Ain Stein blue lead, Uni Jetstream in 1.0mm, PaperMate Tuff Stuff Eraser stick, 0.28mm Uni Style Fit Slim in Brown-Black, UniBall Signo white gel pen, Sharpie pen, Tachikawa comic nib fountain pen, Pentel Pocket Brush pen,  Pentel standard brush pen with medium tip, Paper-Mate Black Pearl eraser, Boxy black eraser, 0.5mm Pentel Ain Stein Blue lead, Pilot Color Eno Soft blue 0.7mm lead, Uni NanoDia 0.5mm HB lead, pencil sharpener, and the watercolor mini palette. That’s 31 writing utensils, 1 stick eraser, 3 lead refills, and the other stuff.

In spite of my desire to carry around more stuff than I would ever need in a single artistic episode, the Nomadic performs well. I have no trouble getting it zipped. The case itself, as you can see from the picture above, bulges somewhat, but shows no signs of wearing out or pulling apart at any of the seams.

DISASTER?! No, not for this pen case.

It’s also performed admirably in the face of disaster. Before having the beige Nomadic be designated for art-supplies only, I would carry all my fountain pens in the front zippered pocket. One day, for reasons only attributable to the malevolent nature of the universe, one of my fountain pens leaked. I responded by calmly freaking out, evacuating all pens from the spacious inner compartment as I became convinced that they would all be covered in gallons of black ink. Such was not the case. In fact, there was no indication anywhere in the inner compartment of a leak having happened on the other side. Once I had everything out of the other pockets, I rinsed the bag out in the sink, noticing that water was not pouring through the other side as I washed the stain. The inner and outer pockets are separated by multiple layers of material; the only material on the bag that isn’t more than one layer is the mesh pockets and accent, and the flap of fabric on either side of the bigger pocket that forms the short sides when the bag is unzipped and gaping open (you can see it in the bottom stain picture, the orange fabric between the two sides of zipper, to the left). If you have any pens you worry might leak, but you still want to carry them around like they aren’t freaks of nature, put them in the front pocket. There is a nice pouch you can slide the pens into, and if they do explode like a firework of ink and fury, you won’t have to worry about your other pens in the main chamber. Nor will you have to worry about washing.

Being so pleased with this pencil case, I bought another.


And I filled that one with pens, too.

23 writing utensils, 1 eraser stick, 1 eraser, 2 chapsticks, 1 box of purple fountain pen cartridges, 1 spare blue cartridge, several spare Liquid Sharpie erasers, a pencil sharpener, 5 mini-pen refills, 4gb of memory, and 1 pencil lead refill. Still not all of my pens and pencils.

And I still had more pens, so…

So I sewed all those pens into a dress and wore it around at all times. Just kidding, I bought another Nomadic case.

This pen(cil) case is well-constructed, holds a lot of stuff without taking up a lot of room, and it’s only $14. I like the color scheme (adding a bright light blue would be nice though), and I like the design of the case itself.

The small mesh pockets in the main pocket are good for holding ink or pencil refills, erasers, memory sticks, extra small Moleskine volant notebooks, money, whatever.

The small front pocket is good for eraser blocks, pencil sharpeners, more refills, chapsticks, small pens, more money.

The larger front pocket perfectly fits my waterbrush, watercolor brush pens, and palette, or all my fountain pens, or just whatever pens you like to use most.

Now, to be fair, I don’t own any other pen(cil) cases. I can’t review this bag comparatively, but on its own merits, I think it does very well, especially if you like to carry around a lot of writing instruments at once.

I’ve had no problems with any of my three cases so far, and I’ll probably end up buying the yellow(really it’s orange, but whatever you want to call it, JetPens) case as well.

I don’t read Japanese, so I can’t tell you what the tag on the case says; if there’s any advice or product construction detailed there, we will just have to live without it (or at least without that information coming from me.

It has withstood my abuse very well, is made of durable, water-resistant material, and might be sewn by faries worth every penny you should spend on it.

Nomadic PE-08 Easy Classification Pencil Case at JetPens



9 responses

8 01 2011

I have a green version of the PE-08, and I’m glad that you appreciate this case as much as I do!

9 01 2011
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11 01 2011

Great post-I carry extra pens knowing coworkers always will try to borrow them.

18 01 2011

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21 01 2011

Hey i found this blog while researching. Keep up the good work, I wish the best for your site.

6 02 2011

i love the pencil bag its way awsome, i got the yellowish orange one. i use it for my school/ drawing supplies soo basically i love it :D

21 04 2012
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22 04 2012

Great review! I really need a new pen case for my now burgeoning pile of every day carries, and this looks like it could be the one. I just need to try and find a UK supplier now which isn’t always the easiest!

6 07 2017
karla card

please sell me the brownish one!! the one with the godzilla

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