Kuretake Zig Letter Pen CocoIro with Blood Red Refill

3 01 2011

In spite of the fact that my scanners fail to fully capture the red tones of anything I scan, you'll probably click on this anyway

I got this pen because I have a weak spot for orangey-yellow. The color, yes.  I have bought pens with less of a reason.

To be frank, I would not use this pen to write any letters. The experience of writing was effortful for me, and I found the tip of the pen …not inconsistent, but just personally unpredictable. It was like I had developed an awkward relationship with the tip of this pen, never quite comfortable, never quite sure what to say next. I will never go out of my way to grab this pen to write something down.

Hello ink! Shouldn't you be...INSIDE the pen?

I also had issues with ink escaping.

It almost does look blood red when smeared on my skin. Uh, so, there's that.

You can see here ink collecting on the plastic around the tip, and here getting all over the finger that I rest the tip of my pen on when writing and drawing. I don’t know if it’s leaking out of the pen, transferring from the cap when I close it, or what, but this is really inconvenient.

There was some smudging in places on the page, if you look closely, but it’s not terrible. I’m not sure why I didn’t think to test the waterproof-ness, especially considering that I had to cordon off that little area where the previous review’s water test bled through the page. WHOOPS.

It’s not waterproof though; I just tested.

(By tested, I mean just realized that I got water on a single written letter in the review at some point after I scanned it.)

The design of this pen is weird, and gives me mixed feelings.

The pen body and the pen refill are bought completely separate, and the refill comes with its own little cap, quite convenient  if you want to own several color refills at once, but only want one of the pen bodies. In theory, you could just buy the refill and skip the body altogether, as it is almost entirely an aesthetic component.

The end of the refill sticks out of the body, presumably so you can tell which color refill you currently have in the pen body. This would be particularly useful if you could actually see color differences in the various inks. I am staring at this pen right now, and the ink in the end looks black. You can start to make out the color if there’s only a little bit of ink down there, say, if you have the air bubble lined up to be showing outside of the pen body. Otherwise, good idea, but it just doesn’t quite work.

The body has a nice, smooth, creamy feel to it, pretty lightweight. The blood red is a pleasing color, though I’m not sure if this is really the color of blood. It’s the thought that counts, right? The ink color is going to be the main reason I will ever be picking this pen up. If I want this color, then I will use this pen; otherwise, I have several other pens with hard brush-style tips that are preferable to this pen. While it doesn’t personally fill any niche, I could see the variability of line weight, with time and use, growing on me. Not right out of the Jiffylite bubble mailer though. If I change my mind, and end up drawing something beautiful with this pen, I’ll be sure to update.

The sparkles are ever so lovely. But don't be fooled; the ink itself contains no sparkles. (Of course, I go on about sparkle s in the picture that doesn't demonstrate them that well)

Kuretake Zig Letter Pen CocoIro Pen Bodies and Refills at JetPens




One response

14 04 2011

I bought it because I like design and beautiful lime green color. I also got red ink. I use it for small details on my ink drawings, for lettering there and I like it a lot so far. No leaking for me, I like the tip. The only thing is wish would be different I feel that little pen missing clothes on it’s butt. This black end seems naked and unhealthy. I wish they will come up with the end cover, than I will be the happiest.

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