Pilot Petit1 Mini Fountain Pen in Blue-Black

1 12 2010

Please just ignore how crappy these doodles are, and click for a bigger image.

Now, hands down, this is probably the most adorable pen I own (or at least it’s in close competition with my Sailor A.S. Manhattaner’s kitty cat pen).

The ink refills come in wee capsules! The pen itself comes in what might only be described as “an orgiastic rainbow of colors.”  This pen, in several other colors, waits in my JetPens wish list (which is bookmarked in the Bookmarks Toolbar on the browsers of my holiday gift-buying loved ones).

So, enough vacuous gushing and hint-dropping. Let’s get to what I actually think of this pen. Is it the best fountain pen that four dollars and fifty cents can buy? Probably not. A Preppy or a Sailor Ink Bar would be better suited for that as far as I’m concerned, especially in the sketching department. This pen does not handle in a way that inspires great sketching from me. Too much ink happening.


at the


However, the pen has been durable so far, surviving over a week in the desolate wastelands of my bookbag, not protected by the delightful shelter of my Nomadic pen case. Still looks good. Haven’t written with it in over a week, and it writes right away. I should have taken a picture of my hand, though, after writing with it for a while, because the dusting of blueness on my hand was visible.  The curse of being left-handed should not extend to pens, in my opinion. You can see if you look at the writing sample zoomed in how some dustings of ink got moved around and redeposited amongst previously unmarred white pages. I don’t know if a nicer paper would take care of that or not; the slight feathering disappears when I use this pen on Rhodia paper.

A pen in the hand is worth two in the JetPens order arriving later this week

With the cap posted, this pen is a comfortable 5″. You can write without the cap posted, but you can also write while licking a set of Quintuple Mach 9000 razor blades; that is, I wouldn’t recommend it. Three and a half inches is just not long enough for a pleasurable writing experience.  I’m going to stop this terrible brush with entendres that’s built up here.

Another plus: the color accents on the pen barrel are pretty much the color that comes out of the pen. It’s always a little off-putting to me when this is not the case.

For writing purposes, it’s a good pen. The act of writing with this pen is enjoyable. The design is great. It’s an ideal pen for carrying around in the pocket. The ink on my hand, and the fact that my handwriting looks pretty awful when using this pen, meh, I feel those things are somewhat negligible.


Pilot Petit1 Mini Fountain Pen – Blue Black Ink at JetPens



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