Uni-ball Jetstream Color Ink Series 0.5mm Ballpoint Pen in Blue-Black

10 11 2010

Please click for increased legibility that trends toward statistical significance.

This is my favorite ballpoint pen; or, at least this series produces what may very well be my favorite ballpoint pen. The first time I tried a Jetstream, it was one of a friend’s pens, and I completely derailed all conversation around me to drool wide-eyed at the writing experience and reverently whisper “WHERE DID YOU GET THIS PEN?”

Look at this pen. It screams "fun", which, aside from all the terrifying screaming is a pretty cool thing.

This particular Jetstream was not handling itself properly for the sketching portion of our show, as you can see sometimes in the doodles, particularly when I was trying to draw hair.

Only time will tell what the deal was with that, whether it was a fluke, this pen, this whole pen line, all Jetstreams ever, etc.

In spite of the sketching drawbacks, this is still a great pen to write with. It’s like liquid butter smoothly packaged in writing utensil form. The phrases “ballpoint pen” and “effortful writing” have found irreconcilable life differences and are currently filing their divorce papers in the Jetstream household. The Jetstream ballpoint pen is currently involved with some shameless hussy known only as “delightfully smooth writing”.

Sadly, this particular version of the Jetstream is not available from the corporate website my workplace orders our office supplies from. But regular Jetstream pens are! Guess what I’ve put on the office wishlist. I’ll give you a hint: it comes in a dozen and is not farm-fresh.

Here, have a dramatic picture of a pen before you go


Uni-ball Jetstream Color Ink Series Ballpoint Pen – 0.5 mm – Blue Black Ink at JetPens





5 responses

10 11 2010

Do you take the pictures of pens yourself? Because… that last, dramatic picture could win an oscar

10 11 2010
No Pen Intended

Yeah, I do all the pictures myself. Which is part of why making a post is more than just getting a written review up. I have to then do a photo shoot with the star pen, and some of them can be such divas. Then I edit the pictures in GIMP…unfortunately, I killed my photoshop and won’t have that again until I make myself a nice desktop….so, crappy GIMP editing reigns supreme!

26 12 2010
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