Some Goals, and Some Excuses

8 11 2010

First, the goals: I’d like to get to where I’m posting two reviews a week. Actually, that’s the only goal. Now, on to the excuses for why I didn’t manage that this week:

  • I’m attempting to do NaNoWriMo. I am doing this writing by hand, and with various pens.
  • I’ve been teaching my cat to play catch.
  • Poor time-management skills.

I think that’s enough stellar excuses for one failure. Now, let me make a lofty promise to make it up to you: I’ll post THREE reviews this week! That’s right! Let’s see if I can manage to avoid breaking your collective hearts on this one.




    2 responses

    8 11 2010

    Oh, man. I totally tried NaNoWriMo back in the day. I also tried NaBloPoMo. And writing my writing sample for graduate school. And this was all during one month back in 2007.

    I failed, obviously, but it was only because my computer died ten minutes into November.

    8 11 2010

    Teaching Tobi to play CATch? I hope Nik doesn’t read this because that one was lethal.

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