Sailor Ink-Bar Disposable Fountain Pen

27 10 2010
Sailor Ink-Bar Disposable Fountain Pen

Watch as I expend ink! Also, click for larger.

This paper may not be the best for displaying how smooth this pen usually writes (Moleskine paper, Leuchtturm 1917 paper, printer paper, legal pad paper, crappy $6 journal paper all do well with this pen). Or, the discrepancy might have something to do with switching to a new Ink-Bar.

I swear the beat-up pen isn't actually bent-looking in real life

First Ink-Bar, looking a little beat up, with a fresh and new one

Even though it’s a cheap, allegedly disposable pen (we will see what can be done about that when the first one eventually runs out), I always enjoy writing and drawing with it. The ink flow is smooth, but never overwhelming, and I have an easy time of varying the line thickness when doodling.

The nib is nothing fancy, just a folded-over metal tip. Maybe some fountain pen fanatics might scoff at such a nib? But I don’t care what they say; I still love this pen. When I saw the discontinuation announcement on JetPens I felt like I’d lost the opportunity for true love, as I only had one of this pen at the time and they listed the pen as sold out. The minute it was back in stock I ordered 10 more pens, so now I hopefully won’t have to worry about losing a pen or two.

Delicious pens!


I wish I’d had the opportunity to try out more colors in this line, but as it is, I’m just happy to have this pen. Maybe I should write a letter to the manufacturer expressing my unending sorrow at their decision to discontinue this pen?

Sailor Ink-Bar Disposable Fountain Pen at JetPens




11 responses

29 10 2010

You should definitely write in. Sometimes manufacturers will have a special purchase option. You could even include the sheet you drew of how much you like this pen!

29 10 2010

Oh, and I really like the format of this post. :D

29 01 2011
Note Booker, Esq.

I haven’t picked mine up in months because my first impressions off it were so poor. You’ve got me thinking I should give it another go.

29 01 2011
No Pen Intended

I feel like my first impression of this pen was also underwhelming (probably why I forgot about it for months). I don’t know if maybe that was some kind of first-run jitters on behalf of the pen or what, but I just tested a brand new one before (and during, heh) writing this reply, and it’s doing great. Smooth, consistent, and above all, fun to sketch with. :) It remains my favorite fountain pen for sketching.

25 03 2011

Thank you for a review that prompted me to try this pen. I wouldn’t even have looked at the Ink Bar twice otherwise, and now I’m enjoying it a lot for drawing. I too feel an urge to stock up on as many pens as I can, although I wonder, if it’s been listed as discontinued for five months but is still readily available, whether it’s really disappearing from the market.

With my luck, I’ll scoff, I won’t buy any extras, and it will vanish tomorrow!

28 03 2011
No Pen Intended

Yay! :D I am happy to have created another Ink-Bar convert. I originally bought my first one as a novelty purchase (“disposable?! fountain pen??! HYUK HYUK HYUK how droll!” was, I believe, the logic employed at the time) and failed to use it for months. But once I rediscovered it in my pen pile, it’s been nothing but love and rainbows and kittens & etc. I refilled one the other day (my first one–the ink was finally starting to get low) with Noodler’s Bulletproof black–it works, but the ink is not as good for sketching as the original Ink-Bar ink. I’ll see if I can find an acceptable substitute.

After my 10-pen buyup splurge, I’ve been throwing one onto my monthly JetPens order, but only because I have a friend whose favorite pen was discontinued and now he can’t find any–I don’t want that sad reality to be mine. But I also don’t want to have more than I’ll ever use…or do I? Then I could afford to give some away and create more converts…

18 05 2011
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7 04 2014

What method did you find to refill the Ink-Bar? Of course, I came across this post way too late to probably ever get one.

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