Let the Biases Be Clear

21 10 2010

I’m a penthusiast. I may not own anything obscenely fancy, but I did bring 67 different writing utensils to work with me today for no other reason than that I have them available. I have even more pens, pencils, and other such mark-making devices in at least two other residences. They are amassed in mesh cups, piled in old teapots, scattered in drawers, and distributed haphazardly across the floor. And I will be buying more.

My goal is to review every one of these writing tools, just for the sheer hell of it. And also to express my love for pens to people who care (before tired friends and coworkers beat me to death with a bottle of ink).

I love fountain pens, ballpoint pens, gel pens, multi pens, liquid ink pens, inkless pens, pencils both wooden and mechanical, brush pens, markers, erasers and highlighters. But I am left handed, so these things don’t always love me back. All the writing implements I’ll be reviewing clock in at $25 and under (with perhaps one semi-inherited exception). That should cover most of the biases for now.


Some people say I have a problem, but at least it’s not cocaine.




2 responses

22 10 2010

I expect that this site will have pictures of what you draw using different pens. I EXPECT IT.

22 10 2010
No Pen Intended

I plan to have writing samples and drawing samples (and good pictures of the instruments themselves). I need to decide what paper to use though. The Leuchtturm 1917 paper is pretty fantastic and does excellently with a wide range of writing utensils, but it’s off-white, which might misrepresent ink color in pictures and scans. I will look through the journals I already have to see if I possess some decent white paper, otherwise methinks a scouring of ye local Barnes & Noble is in order.

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